Stila One Step Correct Colour Corrector - Review

Happy New Year!!! I hope you are all good and hugging a massive hangover because what's the 1st without a hangover. Unless you're under age of course or you just dont drink.

So today I thought I would start the new year off with a good old review.
Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored or paid to write this post, all thoughts are my own

I had asked for this primer for christmas as I had watched alot of reviews and hoped that it would work for me, and let me tell you I wasn't disapointed! I'm in complete love with it. This primer claims to neutralize redness, conceal blemishes and brighten your skin. For the most part this is true however, I wouldn't say that this conceals blemishes.

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price - 4/10
l'm scoring this so low because I feel like for £24 this is pretty pricey. I was expecting more product, you only get 30ML. Up to now I have used it 4 times and you can already see the pump has began to move up. This is the first stila product I own so I'm not really experienced with whether this is a high drug store brand or a highend brand.

packaging - 8/10
If you have been here a while then you will know that I will know that I adore simple pagaging, and this packaging is pretty much as simple as it could probably get. This product comes in a simple cardboard box and the bottle itself is decorated with the product, the different colours are swirled together to create this cute pattern.

formula - 9/10
It is quite hard to rate the formula of this product because each of the colours are different formula's colours are a creamy texture. Although there is different formulas this applys really easy anddoesn't take much rubbing in. Once I have applied it l can tell the difference straight away, the areas around my spot are less red meaning it is alot easier to cover them up with foundation.

Overall (average) - 7/10

overall I really like this product. It also helps to control my oiliness from showing through my foundation. However, I think I will be looking for a cheaper alternative and keep this for special occasions.

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