Gift Guide For Her

Since Christmas is nearly here, the advent calendars have been opened, I thought I would write a gift guid for her. 
My bedroom is all decorated and look very festive with these cute wrapped presents, I done a good job if  I do say so myself :3
So here goes, press more for the gift guide <3

  1.  Pyjamas. These are pretty much the safest and what I'd say is what I look forward to the most. There is nothing better than receiving a brand new pair of PJ's and getting all snuggled on the couch with a christmas film and hot chocolate. Whats not to love about the whole 'tumblr' christmas picture.
  2. Smelly Set. Girls love nothing more than a hot relaxing bath with bubbles, a fresh bar of soap and a good old book. This is the most relaxing gift a girl could ask for, I pretty much get one of these every year and it's always up there with my top presents.
  3. Dressing gown. This would go perfect with the two gifts above for one massive pamper present but is equally as nice on its own. With winter not coming to an end for a few months after Christmas a dressing gown is perfect to get wrapped up in on cold day.
  4. Socks. Christmas socks and Christmas underwear are the cutest thing to of ever been invented! Whats not to love about a cute pair of knickers with a reindeer on or a pair of socks with christmas trees on. Like seriously, someone please buy me cute christmas socks!
  5. Coffee Set. For those coffee lovers in the family buy them a cute mug and put a Starbucks gift  card in there and poof the perfect gift for a coffee lover.
I couldn't think of anything other than all the usual things like make up, nail varnish and all that good stuff but I hope these less predictable gifts help you out for those who are pretty hard to get for and this blog post is finished just in time for 7PM

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Much Love

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