What Does Christmas Mean?

Since Christmas is just around the corner, just 34 sleeps! I thought it was only right to get the fairy lights plugged in, Christmas tunes going and hot chocolate out! 

Press read more to see the Christmas goodness <3
Surely its not just me that wanted the Christmas decorations to go up from like the beginning of November? I cant help it, I just love Christmas so much!!

I thought I would add a little input from my lovely readers in this blog post so below is going to be what Christmas means to you. 

" To me it means family, friends and good food! And presents, of course." @hellothmushroom

"It means family and a time of giving." - @Beauty7product

"It means that I get to have family time and spend it with people who mean the most to me." - @mhairii_x

"Sparkles, family time, good food and snugly DVD days with my favourite people pretty much sums it up." - @stevie_couch

"Christmas means family. Spending time together and enjoying each others company." @RedRoseMummy

"Joy, sparkles, family gathering together and the best experience ever to see the smile on peoples faces when I give them a cute wrapped up present (and enjoying a bit of snow if I'm lucky)." - @ninzita23

"Christmas means spending time with my family, after eight challenges and finally feeling like I'm home." - @SmashleighJayne

"It means spending time with family." @Aliharmsworth

"Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to spend time with friends, family and loved ones! It's my favourite time of the year and I adore the atmosphere of the whole season." - @ToriHTalks

"Christmas means so much to me. Its the feeling of being with your family just sitting around, eating food and laughing together. Christmas means spending time with your loved ones." @londonstagraam

"Christmas means giving and good food and being cosy at home for me!" @sweet_allure

"To me Christmas is all about tradition and the build-up. I take after my German side with Christmas, celebrating on the 24th, light a candle each Sunday leading up to Christmas, baking cookies with my loved ones, seeing the city lit up at night in red and white. The weeks leading up to Christmas. That's Christmas to me." - @PinkPeeptoe

What does Christmas mean to you? Comment below.

Why not get into the Christmas spirit with my Christmas playlist on Spotify here?
This post was originally going to be up next Thursday but I'm just loving being back blogging and couldn't help my self but post it today
P.S I want to say a big big thank you to those who took part in this blog post.

Much Love

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