Hair tutorial - Christmas Market

Not only has snow began to fall and I've dug the Christmas tunes out, Christmas markets have started!! That just shows its nearly time!! In this blog post I'm going to show you how I done my hair for the Christmas market.

Press read more for a VERY simple hair tutorial <3

I'll dive straight into the time lapse because that's probably what most of you want to see.
I first started by brushing through my hair and parting it down the centre with my fingers. There is not need to be neat, it is supposed to look messy.
Before braiding I pulled a small section out at the front and left that out of the braid. I then continued to braid my hair leaving about and 2 inches at the bottom and tying with an hair elastic. 
I done this to both sides before going in with the straighteners and curling the pieces I left out. I then pulled the braid so that it was less flat and had more volume as well as a messy vibe.

This hair style is great for day old hair and I found it to go nice under my hat.

A very short post I know but I need to get some college work done so I hope this is okay.

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Much Love

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