Dealing with Deadline Stress

So since my first term at college is coming to an end in less than 3 weeks I'm starting to get a little panic-y and overwhelmed with the amount of work and deadlines college has thrown at me! So in this post I'm going to be sharing some tips and music that helps when I'm all stressed out about deadlines or just being stressed in general.

If you don't want to be looking like this the day before everything is due in then press read more <3

  1. STAY ORGANISED. This had got to be the most important thing! I find once everything is organised the stress of everything just seems to be halved. I like to use post-it notes along the top of my desk with everything that needs doing. I also use an app on my phone so I have a constant reminder that my college work isn't going to do its self. The app is called "Do!" and is available on the app store for free. It is simply a to do list app that you can add different colours to each thing that is on your list. I have decided to do everything that needs to be handed in before I break up for Christmas in red so that they catch my eye each time I look in the app.
  2. CALMING MUSIC, this is also another big thing for me. I find myself forever distract if I don't have my headphones in and some sort of music on. Whether that be the TV, the fridge or just anything in general. I do have a playlist up on Spotify that I like to listen to when I'm getting work done. Check that out here. I know everyone is different with their music taste so this playlist might not actually work for you but you could easily make your own by adding songs from your favourite artists that are a little slower and chill then their up beat ones.
  3. MINI DEADLINES. Ive never really felt the need to do this before because at school I've always had definite dead lines for each piece of work. However, at college their isn't really any set deadlines only "it needs to be in before you break up for christmas" so to keep myself sane and not completely out of my depth I have created little dead lines.

These are my top 3 tips that I find are helping me through a whole lot of work and stress. The last thing I want to say is that all your friends are going to be stressed a well and girls can get just a bit bitchy and snappy when stress takes over so try to focus on what you're doing and not what your friends are doing otherwise this could probably cause arguments. No falls outs are needed so just sit tight and let the stressful period pass.

Much Love

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