College, Catch up and Christmas

I have pretty much abandoned my blog for well over two months! I'm sorry!! Today is a well in truly needed day off college. Gahh I don't even know what to write! I am so out of the swing of things! This is going to be my worst ever blog post!

Press read more if you dare read this terrible-ness <3

Not going to lie but college has become at the top of my priority list and by doing that I feel as if this is now suddenly at the bottom... Oops! As you all know I have never been good at handling my time and college has just taken over everything! You want to see the state of my bedroom!

My bed frequently becomes a sea of papers, sketchbooks, pens and sweets. Yes sweets! I cant work without having something to munch on, on second thoughts maybe I should start swapping the sweets for fruit.

I'm enjoying college so far even if it is stressful and very fast paced! I'm managing to keep up (kinda). 
Blaming this lot and the pizza shop as to why all my work isn't up to date!! Who cares though, college is amazing and I have such good friends! I finally have a social life, who would of thought!! 

Not much has been happening with me of I'm honest no boyfriends (who has time for that!), gay best friends (I love them :3), seen one direction (again) and booked 5SOS tickets (cant wait!!). So yeah life is looking good right now, and surprisingly I'm wanting to get up and go to college! 

So CHRISTMAS!! Its just around the corner and I cant wait!! Remember the blog post I done ages ago on the gorgeous blazer?? Read it here, they are kindly sedning me some vouchers for their store so I am thinking of holding a give away, comment "Luxemme Christmas" if you would be interested in that.

Hopefully this is me back for good and back into kind of updating regular but we'll soon find out!

P.S I have snapchat 'niamhyyy_99' add me <3

Much Love 

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