Make Up Revolution Haul

So I decided to do a cheeky little make up haul the other week and it came the back end of last week so I've been waiting to do this blog post, I'm so excited!

Press read more to see the lovely make up in detail <3
First odd is this brow pencil. I find this the same as the Soap and Glory, only the pencil is a lot softer meaning I will go through it a lot more quickly that I go through the Soap and Glory Archery pencil (this lasted me like a year). However, the Make Up Revolution one is just £3.50 whereas the Soap and Glory one is £10 so I dont mind going through it a little quicker. The felt tip/tint end is the exact some only the tip is a little thicker, the tint lasts the same amount of time if not longer (up to 3 days).
This brow pencil is a warmer brown than the Archery pencil which I'm yet to decide if it is a good or bad thing.

I was going to buy 3 Mac eye shadows but nearly £40 not including P&P is a lot to spend of 3 neutral and similar eye shadows, so instead I decided to go for this palette. At just £8 for 32 shaded I wasn't expecting a lot if I'm honest but I was pleasently surpriesed when I used them the next day, they a very pigmented and not chalky at all. I have only used a few of the shades so if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram keep a look out for an update of what I think of the other shades.
I left the sheet on with the names hoping it will show the names but that didnt work out and its pretty last, once again I'm working on this last minute and its like 11pm so if I have time in the morning but I start college so I dont think I will I'll try to change the picture.

I got a felt tip liner (my first ever one) and let me tell you I'm impressed. For like the last year I've been struggling with gel liner and just wow! I cant believe how easy it is to do a winged eye liner with this liner. It's wet and takes a little to dry but other than that I really like it. It makes winged eyeliner super simple. 
It has a think and thin side but I have yet to experiment with the thick side only the thin side as I fell as if it would be easier so now I know I can do it with the thin side I'm not venturing onto the wild side and using the thick side :3

I also bought 3 lipsticks that were just £1 each and again I wasn't expecting much but they are really pigmented and last quite a while, they are also very moisturising. However I find that the nude one leave a white line around the inside of my lips which isnt at all all attractive. The red is a bright classic red, it doesnt have an orange tint what so ever or it isnt burgundy just a straight flat out fed. The pinky colour is very similar to MAC Plink but just a little bit more pink, its a very pretty neutral shade that will go with almost anything.
On this picture the pink looks a little matte but its not at all matte, its a shimmery colour. Dusky (pink)Ruby (red) and The One (nude)

This lipglosss/ lip lacquer blew me away, the pigment in this is amazing. The only down fall is it isn't what I thought it was, i thought it was one of those liquid lipstick things but its actually not. Its just a really intense lip  gloss
This picture shows the exact colour, its so pretty. A perfect pinky nude. 

I completely forgot to do an individual picture of the brush shampoo but it smells amazing, like peach yogurt, it leaves my brushes super soft. The best thing is that it's also anti-bacterial which I'm hoping will help with my random breakouts. 

Question Of The Day:
Whats your favourite thing from make up revolution or whats the thing you want to try the most?

Much Love

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