Planner Series: Week 2 (31st - 5th)

On this amazing Saturday dinner time after a morning of wedding dress shopping with my Mams close friend I finally sit down to write (now after taking H to the park). Its 5pm and this is the only one out of 3 blog posts that needed writing today and I have church in an hour... Oops.

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll of already seen this picture of what last week now looks like all full (with pictures) and to do lists completed, it's a very satisfying sight if I'm honest and I'm pretty proud of it.

Press read more to see what I've done this week and what I'm getting up to <3

This week my colour scheme is pastel colours (I was feeling very girly :3). Once again I'm not doing a lot this week. Other than a birthday and the biggest thing in my life right now! I'm staring college, its came around so fast! My planner should come to good use the back end of this week, fingers crossed. It will hopefully become very full with all things blogging and fashion, not just pretty pictures and to do lists. 

I don't know whats going on with the colours in this picture

Ive decided to use the bottom bit and cover the to do this week with a lilac colour and added this weeks blog post ides on, I still don't have an idea for Friday (fashion). Do any of you want to see anything specific?

Again everything I have used I printed off the Internet. I feel as if this series will show that you can make your planner look cute without spending a fortune, I like the planner as it is a nice size for my big writing. However, any planner will work to do this. 

I know these blog posts are only short because I feel as if the pictures speak for themselves really. I you really don't like this sort of thing the please let me know and I will stop this series.

Question Of The Day:
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