Planner Series: Week 1 (24th - 30th)

If you follow my Instagram then you will know I haven't posted for a few weeks as I am going through some things with family. I didn't want to blog when my heart wasn't in it. I am back now though hopefully for good, I'm going to be starting college on the 2nd of September so I might have to drop my posts down to just twice a week depending on how crazy my schedule gets.

For the last week of August and the whole of September I am going to be doing a mini series, this series is going to be me showing you what I have planned for the week ahead and how I have planned it out using my brand spanking new planner from Due to this I am going to be changing around my blogging days. Instead of doing beauty of Mondays and lifestyle on Wednesdays Im now going to be doing lifestyle on Mondays and beauty on Wednesdays (I hope that makes sense)

Press read more to see a full overview of this week <3


This week isnt a very busy at all, just a few appointments here and there but other than that I’m free. Because of this I have taken to adding in my to do lists for each day and mainly everything to do with my blog to (hopefully) get me back into the swing of things. I have used a vibrnt colour scheme this week because I feel as if this week is going to be a good week. Im back into blogging, all sorted for college next week, got my results (last week) and I’m just generally happy this week.

My new motto is “Once it’s in it has to be done” fingers crossed this will help me stick to everything.

This cute little note paper is from when I had a smash book and it's from the little note pack. All I done was used the ruler that came with my planner as a template so that it can pop in and out of my planner when I want. I have used it to write down blog post ideas I have for this week so you guys are getting a little sneak peek of what’s to come.

All the other little bits and bobs I have used i just printed them off line, cut them out (this took forever!) and the used Prit Stick to stick them all in. Of course you could take the easy option and buy sticker paper but I could find it anywhere so I took the cut and stick option.

I printed these little tear drops out and I just couldn't think of anything to use them for so but then I remebered I was back blogging and stick them at the bottom to write the amount of views I get each day from Monday - Friday.

When I designed my planner I thought that the little “to do the week” box and the bottom would be good but now I’m regretting it so I’m thinking of covering it up but I don't know what with yet.

I just want to say that I am not being sponsored to do this post/series.

Question Of The Day:
Since I’m back to blogging what would you like to see in the future weeks?

Much Love

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