Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream - Review

Todays the day I talk about my newest (most expensive) perfume that I am complete and utter in love with. Unfortunately I'm just going to be keep this for special occasions and use my good old One Direction perfumes for everyday. I have to with its whopping £42 price tag for just 30ml.

I have defiantly had my eye on this perfume for months and months (maybe just maybe I would go into Debenhams to have a little spray when I was in town...) I now finally have my hands on it! 

Press read more to see my thought on this fruity, fresh fragrance <3

The fragrance at first is a bold fruity scent but with in 10 minutes it is a subtle light fresh scent. This is what swayed me when making my mind up between all the other daisy additions. The only one I wasn't a fan of was Honey, but thats probably just because i don't like the smell of honey :3

The one thing that I can relate this to is what I imagine being sat in a field full of flowers in the middle of summer to be like. 

I'm in love with this perfume but don't see myself repurchasing it as it is a little over priced, I find that it doesn't last no where near as long as what my cheaper perfumes last which I find not only disappointing but surprising as well. The spray is a quite large spray so I see myself getting through this tiny (cute) bottle in less than a month, well if I was to use this as an everyday perfume I would. 

I would recommend trying One Direction's You&I which is quite similar just a little more fruity and sweet but once it has settled for a few hours it is near enough the same. The bottle does look very cute on my dressing table so thats always a bonus.

Question Of The Day:
Have you tried any of the "Daisy" perfumes? If so which is your favourite? 

Much Love

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