Planner Series: Week 2 (31st - 5th)

On this amazing Saturday dinner time after a morning of wedding dress shopping with my Mams close friend I finally sit down to write (now after taking H to the park). Its 5pm and this is the only one out of 3 blog posts that needed writing today and I have church in an hour... Oops.

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll of already seen this picture of what last week now looks like all full (with pictures) and to do lists completed, it's a very satisfying sight if I'm honest and I'm pretty proud of it.

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Luxemme Review (OOTD)

These last few weeks have been crazy yet rewarding, I got my results (I passed everything), I've enrolled in college to do fashion and textiles, I've bought some new makeup  and the most exciting thing is I've been approached by Luxemme.

Luxemme is an upcoming fashion brand who got intouch with me asking if I could review their products. I dont think I've answered an email so quick in my life! Excitment was an understatement, if I'm honest I think my good old mother bear is proud of me :3 Shes been telling anyone who will listen about being asked to do this and thn gushing about how amazing the blazer is (I agree).

You can buy the blazer here.
Top - Primark
Jeans - River Island
Shoes - Vans 
Sunglasses - Ray Ban 

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream - Review

Todays the day I talk about my newest (most expensive) perfume that I am complete and utter in love with. Unfortunately I'm just going to be keep this for special occasions and use my good old One Direction perfumes for everyday. I have to with its whopping £42 price tag for just 30ml.

I have defiantly had my eye on this perfume for months and months (maybe just maybe I would go into Debenhams to have a little spray when I was in town...) I now finally have my hands on it! 

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Planner Series: Week 1 (24th - 30th)

If you follow my Instagram then you will know I haven't posted for a few weeks as I am going through some things with family. I didn't want to blog when my heart wasn't in it. I am back now though hopefully for good, I'm going to be starting college on the 2nd of September so I might have to drop my posts down to just twice a week depending on how crazy my schedule gets.

For the last week of August and the whole of September I am going to be doing a mini series, this series is going to be me showing you what I have planned for the week ahead and how I have planned it out using my brand spanking new planner from Due to this I am going to be changing around my blogging days. Instead of doing beauty of Mondays and lifestyle on Wednesdays Im now going to be doing lifestyle on Mondays and beauty on Wednesdays (I hope that makes sense)

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