Zoella's Tutti Fruity Range (Kissy Missy) - Review

Here's the second part to my Zoella Review, read part one (here)

I was surprised at how much the lip balm smelt like the body scrub.

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I was actually very disappointed in this lip balm and found to be quite expensive.

Price 4/10
I am scoring this so low as at £3 it is priced high compared to other lip balms out there. It wasn't until I had started to look into the price for this post that I realised that it was quite expensive compared to some but in line for others. In my opinion it is expensive but others might disagree with me.

Packaging 6/10
This packaging is very cute yes and looks the park on my dressing table or in my purse but for the price I feel as if it is pretty cheap, it feels quite flimsy and not as sturdy as I would of liked. Take a post of Carmex which is around a similar price, the lid is metal and the pot is a thick sturdy plastic. This however is made of a thin plastic.

Formula 4/10
At first this feels quite drying on your finger and when your apply it but then it somehow turns moisturising. Not for long though, it then goes back to drying and leaves your lips dry. I had used this everyday for a week and found that my lips were even more dry than what they were when I started using this. I also found the formula to be a sort of dry sticky, if that makes sense. Yes, the pigment is there but if it was up to be I would rather it of been more moisturising than as pigmented.

Application 5/10
The application of this is bog standard really but I do find is a lot easier to apply with a lip brush as it is so pigmented.

Overall (average) 4.75/10
Overall I was quite disappointed in this product but this is just my my opinion, I know some people really loved this product. I find this has to be the product right now hat I have been most disappointed in.

Question Of The Day:
What is the product you have been most disappointed in?

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