Tanya Burr Lipgloss - Review

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Right now this is my favourite Lipgloss for the summer.

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Press read more to see the review for my new favourite lipgloss <3

I got this lipgloss back in January from my birthday and at first i was like meh but lately Ive been loving it, its the perfect baby pink for summer.

This is available on feelunique.com for £6.99 and is also available in Superdrug

Price 10/10:
I am giving this a 10 out of 10 mainly because these past few weeks I have been reaching for it over my NARS lipgloss which is more than twice the price. I feel as if this is a reasonable price to pay for the quality of the lipgloss. I know that there is plenty of cheaper lipglosses available such as the SEVENTEEN and Collection ones but my cousin uses it and Ive tried it but I find that they aren't very pigmented and a quite sticky.

Packaging 7/10:
I rather like packaging that is simple and pretty plain and find it really attractive. I also like how you can see the colour through the tube (I think most of them are) but oh well. The logo is the sweetest little thing ever, again plain and simple (just what I like). There isn't a lot to actually comment on for the packaging as it didn't come in a box and its very simple like most lipgloss packing.

Application 9/10:
It is pretty easy to apply, the wand/brush is different from a normal lipgloss applicator its more flat which I find easier to apply it with. 

Formula 8/10:
At first I was about like 'aarrgghh' because the formula looked pretty sticky and at first when you're applying it it is rather sticky at first but once it has been on for about 5 minutes its fine and isn't at all sticky. I am in love with how pigmented it is, it comes out the colour it looks in the tube. I like to wear it with a darker colour lip liner, it creates a sort of ombre effect and I've been loving it lately, right now its my go to lip.

Overall (average) 8.5:
Overall I think that this lipgloss is worth the money and the pigment is a lot better than my NARS one. I would recommend this to people with a little bit of a tan, I think that's why I didn't like it back in January because I was as pale as a ghost (no lie). 

I have decided to change how I write my reviews. Do you prefer them this way or the way I previously?

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