Enigma Clothing Review + Discount Code

I am a promoter for Enigma Clothing so I got 10% off in return for a blog post. I will leave the code at the end so you can also get 10% off their clothing.

I've been putting writing this off for a couple of days now because I just cant find the right words to say how happy I am with my purchase. I cant even contain my excitement to share this with you guys. I love sweaters and I have tones and this has got to be my favourite by far! 

You can by the jumper here

I was thrilled when I was accepted to be a promoter for this brand. Starting college in September seems like a lifetime away but really its just around the corner and I wanted to get a head start on clothes and shoes. I had been following Enigma on Instagram (Follow them here)  for a while before and fell in love with their clothing. When I seen that they were looking for promoters I get in touch with them immediately and couldn't of been happier when I get a response. Them having 11K followers on Instagram I thought it was just pot luck but they thought I was going to be a good promoter. So here I am after taking hundreds (no lie) of pictures to find the right one for my first ever clothing review.

Press read my for the discount code and review <3

Quality: 9/10
For me the quality is an eight because the print of the front feel that in time it will begin to wear, to me that is fine. I have a couple of t-shirts that have also done this but it has happened over a long period of time. The material doesn't feel cheap at all and is soft. It doesn't have that itchy/scratchy texture that I have found some of my other jumpers have. 

Washing: 10/10
Since this arrived I have washed it twice. It hasn't shrunk or faded one bit, which I was worrying about as I couldn't find any reviews that other people had written about their website so I actually had no idea what it was going to turn out like. 

Sizing: 10/10
The sizings surprised me a lot, I had originally ordered a large as I am a size 16-18 and thought that I should go for the biggest than be disappointed when it came and it be too small. However, I got an email for Enigma to let me know that there had been a problem and they didn't have any large is stock and that they could either send me a medium or refund me. By chance I asked for the medium and it actually fit! I would recommend sizing wise to no go by what size you are in Primark like I did (oops). I would also recommend keeping in mind that their sizings are generous.

Price: 10/10
The price for this jumper without discount is £19.99 which at first I thought was a little pricey but now its came I can see why it is priced at that much, you are paying for the quality. 

Overall (average): 9.75
Overall I am really happy with this product, I will defiantly be buying from Enigma again. This jumper is in between thick and thin, it will keep you warm when its a little breezy but it can also get a little warm. From personal experience I like to wear a vest top underneath as I don't like the feel of the fluff on my skin, this is just personal preference. I also like to wear the cuffs rolled up twice but again this is personal preference. 

If you are interested is buying anything from Enigma use the code NIAMH10 to get 10% of anything on their website. 
Their website is easy to navigate on both laptop and phone. Show me what you get and tag me in it on Twitter and Instagram

Much Love

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