Currently Burning

This week has been crazy so its only a short post today. We always have candles burning and we've been burning these two for the past couple of week and I love the scent of them.

To read the short (and sweet) post about my two new favourite candles <3

The first one is Soft Cotton and is such a calming, subtle smell. I love to leave this lit all day, it just sits in the air and isn't over powering at all. It is noticeable thought and I find that it helps me sleep. I think this would be great for a baby's room (can you have candles in a baby's room?) 

The next one, is Red Raspberry, this is a lot stronger than the other one and only leave it on for the 3 to 4 hours guid lines. If its left on a lot longer it begins to be a little heavy in the room and you can sort of taste it (am i making sense?)

Im sorry that this is so short, but this week has been crazy, good job Mondays written already. I also have the scheduling sorted  so they now go up at seven but its now twenty too and I'm just finishing this now. On Friday I am most likely just going to post a good old Polyvore post.

Question Of The Day
Is there anything you would like me to do on Polyvore? A one brand outfit? 

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