Beginners week: Drugstore or High End? (Part 1)

Same colour, same shape, not that much difference in packaging. So surely the same price? You would think so but no not at all. One can be just £5 yet another can be £25 (yes 25 pound for just one lipstick!) What can possibly be the difference for one company to charge £20 more than another? 

If you're fairly new to make up you will more than likely go for the £5 one because come on who can actually justify spending and extra £20 on the same colour lipstick? But not all women think that way, women spend hundreds of pounds on makeup each year, from those cheaper lipsticks that can possibly be picked up in a supermarket to those huge shops that have makeup counter after makeup counter. This often leaves me confused as to how one brand can charge me such little money but another can cost me a bank lone (I like to exaggerate)

Read more to see if I prefer drug store or high end and what I would recommend <3

Sometimes we pay for quality yes but others we are just paying for the bands name. Last Christmas I was just getting into make up and added every every naked pallet, stupid amounts of MAC lipsticks and even more ridiculous amounts of NARS lip gloss to my Christmas wish list needles to say I didn't get them all. 7 months down the line I'm thankful for that. 

For Christmas makeup wise I got 
Naked 3
3 MAC lipsticks
MAC mascara
NARS laguna contour kit
NARS lip gloss

Since then I have bought bits and pieces and I the majority of things I've bought have been drugstore products.

Foundation & Concealer
I have always used a what I class as drug store foundation (No7) it is around £15 for a bottle and I love it. I have also tried a Rimmel one that was £8 and I prefer the No7 one. I find that it gives me a lot more coverage and just feels a lot nicer on my skin. However, people who aren't looking for coverage could get away with using a cheaper foundation.
I would say with foundation there is no need to pay stupids amount but you pay for what you get. When starting out I would go for the No7 because they have a match service that matches you perfectly so there isn't any worry of being orange. I also find that for people with acne (like myself) it is better because it gives great coverage.

However, concealer I find to be completely different. I have a No7 (£7.50) concealer and a Collection  (£4.19) concealer. Although this isn't a big difference in price I find the Collection one to be a lot better. I prefer the collection one because it isn't as greasy as the No7. I find the No7 to crease even with setting powder over. The only thing I dislike about the Collection concealer is the applicator, its a lot like a lip gloss wand which I find to be useful for under the eyes but for spots I put the product on my finger and then use my finger.
With concealer, it all just matters to personal preference. If you are just starting out I would certainly recommend trying out different formula's and seeing which you prefer.

Setting Powders & blushes
I go through so much setting powder that I really cant be going out and buying high end setting powder every month so I tend to shop around and use different drugstore ones. I do have an Urban Decay powder but I save that for special occasions, for day to day life I tend to either use the Rimmel Stay Matte powder of a Collection translucent powder. 
Setting powders I find that they are all pretty much the same, they all do the job of making my face matte so with starting out I would stick to drugstore and maybe buy a high end one for special occasions.

I'm not a blush person really but I went out and got a pallet because I fell in love with the colours, it was a Makeup Revolution, you can read my review here. This wasn't expensive at all and has allot of different colours in that are perfect for winter, summer and those peachy ones for spring. At first I was using a boots natural collection blush (the shade is pink cloud) and if you can get over the really cheap looking packing then this blush is perfect.
However, I would recommend paying a little extra and buying a blush pallet. This way you can experiment with what looks best with your skin tone. A lot of drug store brands sell these and I love mine. I cant see myself buying a high end blush anytime soon but this is because I don't always wear blush.

I am going to be posting everyday this week and doing advice for people who are starting to get into makeup. This is part one of drugstore or high end, come back tomorrow for the second half.

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