Summer Is Here

Hi Guys, since I now have no school and exams are all out the way I seem to have far too much time on my hands. I have decided to post Monday through to Friday. I will still do beauty on Monday's, lifestyle on Wednesday and fashion on Fridays but I'm just going to trow in some extra posts depending on what I feel like on them days.

I thought that I would do a chatty Wish List type of post for today because guys its been it was so sunny !! Whooh! The good old British weather has decided to actually come through and some us some summer lovin’! 

So to celebrate the sun and my new found love for flip flops, I found my Havianas in the back of my wardrobe and they haven't been off my feet since it got sunny (click here to see my new favourite website for flipflops) I wanted to do a flip flop wish list. Yes you heard me a flip flop wish list.

Press read more to see the amazing flip flop wish list.

All flip flops and pictures below are from check it out.

My most wanted pair has got to be these little beauties!! HOW CUTE!

The colours are perfect and that cute pattern on the inside! Gah! I'm actually in love! I cant actually get over the cute little London scene and they hearts and the colours!

How stunning are these! They are so vintage looking and the bow! Its teal with gold spots!! Oh wow! Yes I'm totally fan girl-ing over flip flops. (Come join me :P) 

Some one please buy me everything from this website! 

Love love love! Imagine how cute these would look with a pair of shorts and a bikini top the same pattern for a holiday!

I am now in need of a holiday, any suggestions? I’m thinking some beach-y, sunny, lazy holiday.

Cant go wrong with a pair of white flip flips ;)

Come on everyone needs a pair of these for summer, trust me guys.

Not to mention the stunning flip flops but their website is so easy to navigate. Quite literally click this link —> ( and add your favourite comfy summer shoes and then add your payment details then wait for the postman to deliver your new favourite shoes.

I know this is a little bit different to what I some times do for 'Fashion Friday' but Ive just got so excited over this sun! I cant help it :3

Question Of The Day:
What do you think about me posting extra?

Much Love

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