My Top 3 Bloggers

YouTube is helpful and entertaining and such but I feel like not many people sit down and read a blog post when there is more than likely a video out there. I however love reading blog posts. So I thought I would share with you my favourite bloggers. 

First up is Charlotte (
I found her blog when I first made me blog Instagram and Ive been reading it ever since, I'm and in total love with her blog. Charlotte's posts are usually helpful but I enjoy reading them so much, her latest post was about perfume and I swear I want them all! Mainly because I'm also not a fan of sweet sickly smells.

Next is Shaaanxo (
I found this blog through her YouTube channel, I love her videos and love her blog equally as much. Although she hasn't uploaded since the 8th of December last year her blog is defiantly worth a look I love her tutorials and her reviews are very helpful.

Last but not least is Gabriella (

Once again I found Gab's blog through her YouTube channel and I fall in love with it more and more each time she uploads. Her pictures are so beautiful and her posts are just a pleasure to read. I tend to read this post on a lazy Sunday morning in my PJ's and a nice cup of coffee.

Question Of The Day
Whats your favourite blog?

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Much Love

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