Makeup Revolution Sugar and Spice Pallet - Review

Another review for you guys today, I am sooooo unprepared, here I am early Sunday morning trying to get at least today's post written... Terrible I know. I'm sorry this log post is a day late, I didn't get it finished on Sunday and Monday was just crazy busy. Please forgive me :(

DISCLAIMER: All views are my own and I don't intend to insult anyone through these views. Makeup Revolution are not sponsoring me to write this nor am I getting paid to write this. This is my opinion so if you don't agree then that's fine.

This blush pallet was an impulse buy, I'd seen it all over my Instagram (Follow me here) I just had to have it. I didn't expect much with it only being £6 but I love it.
Press read more to find out why I love it!
This product is available to buy from the Makeup Revolution website for £6 and has a 5 out of 5 rating. 

I am quite new to the world of blushes, I had been using the Boots Natural Collection blush in the shade Pink Cloud and I loved it (still do)

I wouldn't call myself a big blush person as I'm not a fan of really bright blushes, I prefer warm toned ones. However, I'm in complete love with this pallet, it has a good rage of colours and although some look quite scary their not.

I promise number 5 isn't as scary as it looks, It blends so easy, I love to use it to highlight my brow bone. For these amazing summer days I've been getting lately I've been loving a warm bronze-y face so I've been using number seven which just adds a gorgeous sun kissed bronze to my face.

Price 10/10
You cant go wring with this pallet, at £6 this is a absolute bargain! You're not only getting good quality but a great price.

Packaging 7/10
Plain and simple which I happen to adore. Plus it has a really big mirror.

Application 9/10
The colours are high pigment but easy to blend. When blended they dont' loose their colour either.

Formula 10/10
They are very pigmented and look exactly the same on your face as the do in the pen

Overall (average) 9/10

Question Of The Day:
Whats your favourite blush?

Much Love

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