My Bucket List

I've had my bucket list for about 2 years now and so far I have done 39 things. I am going to be sharing my first 20 with you. Ones that are in bold I've done.

Get married
Have a baby
Move out
Go to a festival
Go to a One Direction concert (I'm going to be going to my second this year)
Go to Australia
Own a MacBook
Go to college (I've got my place)
Get One Directions autographs
Learn how to drive
Own a pair of Uggs
Take a kissing photograph
Play in Autumn leaves
Get a tattoo
Have my own car
Own a pair of Toms
Learn to ski
See the Eiffel Tower
See the hollywood sign
Travel first class

I hope you like this post and that it inspires you to start a bucket list or if you already have one then to get stick in and get some of the things done.

Question Of The Day:
What's one thing that you want to do before you die?

Much Love

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