Nial Varnish Perfect For Spring And Summer

I've always loved nail varnish (I have tones!) but I bite my nails so I can only really wear it when I have acrylic nails on which isn't all that often. But if I did have long nails these are my favourite nail varnishes that would look perfect for summer and spring.

These two nail varnishes came in a set of three pastel colours and don't actually have names which is really disappointing because I got them last year.

Purple - 702 Marshmallow Heaven
Blue - 542 Too Cool To Tango
Coral - 502 Hot Tropicana
The coral is defiantly my favourite! It looks amazing on toes.

These have no names on them which I was really surprised about? I thought all nail varnish had a name to be honest or is it just Rimmel?

Once again I can't find a name on these at all!! I'm sorry this post doesn't really help! I probably should of had a look see what had names and what didn't before I done these pictures. 

P.s I'm too lazy to redo this :3 I'm already redoing a tutorial post because the lighting was the worst!!


Song Of The Day:
I'm in complete and utter love when I heard this song on a layered songs 8Tracks playlist and let me tell you it is even better when its layered 

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