Goals For The Month

So its the first of April, I'm sure March started just a couple of days ago! We're finally out of the rainy and cold weather... Well hopefully, you can never tell with good old British weather.

So this is my first time ever doing a monthly goal type of thing but I'm armed with a cute notebook, my felt tips, glue gun and some old magazines so here goes!

Save money by not buying anymore make up or nail varnish, I have far too many nail varnishes and make-up wise I have enough to be going on with. I need no more and I need to save money, hopefully  I'm going to be getting a job over the summer so I will have some more money in my pocket.

I'm going to be trying my hardest to keep on top of my skin routine as I've been soooo lazy with it this month and my face is covered in face monsters! So this month I need to get back on track with it and get rid of these face monsters.

Ive been trying to eat a lot more healthy and its kinda working so I want to keep that going and hopefully loose some more weight. Ive lost a stone so far and want to lose some more so I have a better figure ready for college and summer.

I know I only have three goals but lets be honest I'm not the best at keeping on track with deadlines and stuff so I'm just going to keep it short so I have more chance of actually sticking to it.

Song Of The Day:
I heard this on Monday when I was writing this post and fell in love! 

Much Love

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