A Day In The Life

Armed with a good cuppa tea and May's ELLE I was ready for a nice relaxing Sunday.

I started off by waking up at 9:30-ish, not so much a sleep in. So I thought great I can lay in bed and watch some Vampire Diaries, then get up and read my magazine that came last Monday and I still haven't had the chance to read it. Like that was ever gonna happen! I was told that I needed to get up as we were going to ASDA. Food shopping on a Sunday!! What? Reluctantly I rolled out of bed struggling to get a pair of skinny jeans on in my half-asleep state. Thankfully I get them on with only a minor injury... I banged my toe on the bed frame. Once I was dressed it was time to go as I was holding my Mam up because I was taking so long -.- So I walked round ASDA not looking my best and starving. It was the worst food shopping experience ever... Trust me!

After Asda I thought now I can have a chill out and read my magazine but no, I forgot I was supposed to look for hairdresser and their price lists to get this fringe cut in. That took me 2 hours! 

In between then and now I've tidied my room, had dinner, revised, attempted a CV and STILL not read my magazine. Other then reading my magazine the only other thing I haven't done is posted so I thought why not do a surprise post and make it long, ramble-y  I mean chatty and hopefully not so boring :3

Next post is Monday and its going to be Top 10 Free Books On The Amazon Book Store.
Shoutout to all the nerds.

Song Of The Day:
My Sunday jammmmm as well as Hey Soul Sister.

Much Love

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