10 Steps To Stay Organised

So this year is my exams and trust me I'm very organised! Ive even got a filofax! So I thought that I would do a post of keeping generally organised.

Don't waste your day in bed
Set an alarm at a reasonable time and get up at that time and be ready to start the day. (Yes I mean on weekends too!!)

Manage your time throughout the day wisely
Set small deadlines to get different tasks to do
For bigger tasks break them down into smaller tasks 

Clear the surrounding i.e. your desk 
Having a mess is distracting and will take your mind off the task you are doing

Make a To Do list and in order of importance 

Keep on top of your tasks
The more your tasks build up the less you will want to do them

Set each weekly task a day
For example I have a revision time table and I have blog posts and tidying my room around that

Keep everything in one place
For example I have all my To Do lists and my revision time table in the same place so I know where everything is

Designate Areas
Yes, I'm one of them people who have stationary draws that are all nicely organised
Even if you just have a pencil pot for pens and all your revision things in one place

Avoid distractions
Don't have the telly on in the background 
Put your pone on silent
Have some music on in the background if you have a busy house 

Track progress
Tick away at them To Do lists and once everything is ticked off it will be such a relief, trust me you will feel like you have had a productive day

I hoped you like another list post, hopefully it will help you all who are sitting your Exams and what not.

Song Of The Day:
Heard this today and I'm in love with it!!

Much Love

Sorry this is so late! Ive been out all day, thank you for reading, I love your <3

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