March's Marvellous Make-Up

Instead of doing a March favourites which would just be the longest most rambley post in the history of posts on my blog I am going to do all the make up I have been loving this month. P.s this includes nail varnish and skin products plus a little bit of perfume thrown in there as well.
First off is the Ocean Salt scrub from Lush, if you have been here since Christmas then you know that I absolutely swear by this, it makes my face feel so soft and it just helps my skin a lot.

I'm new to the world of BB creams and got this purely because I began to get lazy with my make up. Now though I wear it everyday, even on bad skin days. I now save a full fake of make up for special occasions and bits and pieces like that. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try a BB cream, it isn't at all expensive and I know I can trust this range.

Before Christmas I'd never used a primer before but I had seen that a lot of people would go without. I found that my make up was beginning to literally slide off my face and I'd googled how to solve this problem or if anyone else had this problem and the answer was primer. When I got it i loved it. Most days I wear this with my BB cream, a bit of mascara and a lip gloss.

I've loved this lipgloss since I got it for Christmas. I just feel as it it can go with anything, this is the shade Turkish Delight. Its not sick at all and looks just as good over a lipstick.

I've never been one to get excited over perfume but once I'd smelt the Fizz Bar and Soak Opera, I just had to try this and trust me I wasn't let down! Its such a fresh and clean smell, Ive been wearing it since mid January but I now think that its going to be perfect for the spring and summer. The smell just screams flowers.

I got this as a subscription gift off ELLE magazine, I would never of tried it because I don't see myself as having bags under my eyes and that's what the purpose of it is, but I use it as a sort of brightener, I apply it over my BB cream and it just makes under my eyes look a lot bright and I look far more awake than I actually am.

This is the newest item of them all which I got on Thursday and its already in here! Its perfect! I always feel like most moisturisers leave my fave looking greasy or oily but this one doesn't, it does what it says, moisturise your face but also matte's it. The most perfect thing I have bought :3

(Sorry for the bad quality -.-) This is another recent one of my items and I'm in love with the results I get with this product. I can put one coat of this on each eye and get the same result as what I would of gotten I id of out about 3-4 coats of MAC Studio Fix Mascara.

Towards the beginning of the moth I had stopped biting my nails and they had grew loads... Ive started biting them again. I have quite short and stubby fingers so black or a really dark red are never an option for me, they make my fingers look worse. I love this one because it winter like without being a back or a really dark colour, this is a purple-y pink-y colour, its pretty bright but not summer kind go bright. The shade is 404 Ballet Pump Perfection.

Last put not least, MAC's Plink lipstick, I love this and its so subtle that it goes with any look at all.

I hoped you like this blogpost, I am thinking of starting YouTube.

Question Of The Day?
If I do, what would you guys want me to do? Would you watch my videos?

Thankyou for reading <3

Much Love

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