Lessons I Learnt From My First Year Of Blogging

Ive been blogging for just over a year (I started in January) and let me tell you, it hasn't been easy and dare I say it, I'm still learning.

You don't just get 100's of views over night
Its not all taking cute pictures and rambling on about beauty products
You don't always need to jump on the news' bandwagon
Zoella and any other amazing bloggers makes it look easy
Posting regularly really does help
Self promotion is always the best
Talking to other bloggers helps a lot too

Heres the lessons I have learnt and hope that if you are thinking of starting a blog then don't fall into the trap I did by thinking everything is easy and views come looking for you. I'm not saying blogging is this huge chore but its not all rainbows and butterflies. I really do enjoy blogging and seeing that other people are reading my posts and maybe only one of those people are taking something from that post but it still makes me happy.

I hope you liked this short but (hopefully) helpful post
P.S I posted a youtube video on Friday night it would mean a lot if you could go and watch it, maybe even give me a like :3

Song Of The Day:
5SOS because yes I'm still in love with this song!

Much Love

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