Girl Talk - Surviving Without Friends

I thought that I would move away from all things beauty and go a little deeper... oh no! 

Ive been off school for about a year now, I have something wrong with my back. At first the people who were my friends kept in touch with me but it soon got to the point where I was texting them and I would get a reply hours later saying they were busy or some dumb excuse like that. At first I felt like complete and utter shit and I would mope about around the house with nothing to do. I soon realised that people like that weren't worth talking too. Im going to college in September and I'm going to be there with no one I know so its going to be a complete new start with is exciting but daunting at the same time.

What I'm trying to say is that you don't need friends to survive and you will soon realise that the people you think are your friends are more like acquaintances that you see everyday most days a week which leeds you to think that you are friends. You need to start looking closer to home for friends. Cousins make good friends and I know this from experience, I rather spend the weekend with family than with the people who I thought were my friends. Eventually it becomes normal to have your family around you like you would have friends.

So if you're sat there thinking I'm a 'loner' and god knows whatever then so be it but once you leave school thats when you start making real friends not acquaintances.

I know this post is different so let me know if you like to see some more posts like this. 

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Much Love

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