Bullying In A Workplace

Hi you lot, I feel like I haven't done a chatty rambly post for a while. So I thought that I would do one around bullying.

I was approached to do this and I'm getting paid traffic sent to my site for doing this, all views of bullying are my own. The leaflet thing was made by the person who emailed me.

Workplace Bullies

Bullying is terrible wherever or whoever it happens to. This is something I am completely unaware of something that happens, bullying in a work place with grown women and grown men, I thought bullying was just something that pathetic kids did on the school playground but apparently not. 

Bulling in a workplace can not only hurt the people who are being bullied but it can hurt the business too. By bullying someone in a workplace you a driving perfectly good workers away, which in return could come back and bite you on the ass. Im guessing if enough people leave a job it will start to harm the amount of money that business brings in with in return will make people loose their jobs.

From what Ive read there isn't all that different between workplace bullies and playground bullies. They both want to feel in control. Playground bullies want to be in control of everyone around them and feel like they are the best in the school. Workplace bullies also want to feel in control, they want to be in control of everyone around them and feel like the best person in the office.

The information below I have got from the website I was linked town the email. I haven't put it into my own words as they are lists.

Characteristics Of A Work Place Bully:
Finger pointers
Publicly pick on people
CC the whole world in emails
Point out peoples mistakes and tell everyone

How many workers are dealing with bullies?

Workers who say they're treated rudely at least once a week (in 2011); up from 25% in 1998:

40% of workplace bullies are women who are picking on other women more than 70% of the time.

Work is stressful enough on its own, but adding a bully to the mix can make it unbearable. 9% of people say they’re happy at the office.Less than 1/3

Work place bullying can have serious effects on people:
Absenteeism and low productivity
Low self-esteem and depression
Digestive upset
High blood pressure
Trouble with relationships due to stress over work

All this can be damaging for the business, causing:
High turnover
Low productivity
Lost innovations
Difficulty hiring quality employees due to a "hostile work environment" reputation

Got a bully? Here's how to deal with it!

Don't get emotional, bullies like that
Don't blame yourself, the problem is the bully not you
Do your best at work
Build a support network
Document everything
Seek help
Get counselling
Stay healthy
Educate yourself about work policies
Don't expect to change the bully
Start a new job search

I hope you enjoyed this post and it has opened your eyes to how bulling ISNT just on the playground

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