Belated Mothers Day Adventure

Me, Mam and Nanna all went out on a little adventure to Whitby because today was weight day (got my stone award whooh!) and we hadn't done anything on Sunday so after fish&chips plus eating plenty of sweets I took some picture, I have uploaded them to my VSCOcam, I'll leave my link at the end. I'm in love with this edit, I used it the other day for a picture on instagram and I fell in love so obviously I just had to add it to all of the pictures (well the good ones) tonight.

This is the cutest lock I have ever seen! It's only been recently that people have started putting locks on the bridge a Whitby, the earliest one I seen was 2013.

At first this was my least favourite picture but after a bit of editing it's now one of my favourite. I just love the door in the background!

Sadly this was actually closed, I really needed a good cuppa after I had walked up the 199 steps, Yes I counted. This isn't my most favourite but I thought that the writing was super pretty.

I'm in love with this picture and his voice wasn't bad either but I don't know what it is about this picture it just screams Hozier - Take Me To Church for me.

So out of about 50-60 pictures I had 4 that I actually liked... Oh well.
Please go and check out my VSCOcam Ive been using it for a while to edit Instagram picture but I have just started to actually upload my pictures to my grid. I'm sorry this post is boring but I'm really proud of these pictures.

Much Love

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