10 Festival Essentials

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Ive never been to a festival but I will defiantly be going to one once I've finished college, but I thought because festival season is coming up I would do 10 essentials that you need at a festival... well what I see as being an essential.

Dry shampoo - be gone greasy hair
Wellies - getting muddy is not an option 
Comfy clothes - a girls gotta sleep
Paracetamol - you will get a headache
Toilet roll - easy forgot and always missed
Torch - for those midnight pee's
Sun cream - it's gonna be painful if you don't
Plasters - those new sandals are gonna rub
ID - I know some places you need to show ID
Bandana - a wet bandana will keep you cool

One last thing, put stickers with your name and address on anything that is valuable (camera or phone) so that if you loose it it can be posted to you.

most festivals don't let you take anything glass in including a perfume bottle so either buy a cheap perfume in case they take it off you or just take body spray.

I hope this helps you all who are going to festivals and just know I'm very very jealous of you all!

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