Lessons I Learnt From My First Year Of Blogging

Ive been blogging for just over a year (I started in January) and let me tell you, it hasn't been easy and dare I say it, I'm still learning.

You don't just get 100's of views over night
Its not all taking cute pictures and rambling on about beauty products
You don't always need to jump on the news' bandwagon
Zoella and any other amazing bloggers makes it look easy
Posting regularly really does help
Self promotion is always the best
Talking to other bloggers helps a lot too

Heres the lessons I have learnt and hope that if you are thinking of starting a blog then don't fall into the trap I did by thinking everything is easy and views come looking for you. I'm not saying blogging is this huge chore but its not all rainbows and butterflies. I really do enjoy blogging and seeing that other people are reading my posts and maybe only one of those people are taking something from that post but it still makes me happy.

I hope you liked this short but (hopefully) helpful post
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5SOS because yes I'm still in love with this song!

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5 Facts About Me

Hi guys!
Guess what i've finally found the guts to do! 
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I love you alllll

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March's Marvellous Make-Up

Instead of doing a March favourites which would just be the longest most rambley post in the history of posts on my blog I am going to do all the make up I have been loving this month. P.s this includes nail varnish and skin products plus a little bit of perfume thrown in there as well.
First off is the Ocean Salt scrub from Lush, if you have been here since Christmas then you know that I absolutely swear by this, it makes my face feel so soft and it just helps my skin a lot.

I'm new to the world of BB creams and got this purely because I began to get lazy with my make up. Now though I wear it everyday, even on bad skin days. I now save a full fake of make up for special occasions and bits and pieces like that. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try a BB cream, it isn't at all expensive and I know I can trust this range.

Before Christmas I'd never used a primer before but I had seen that a lot of people would go without. I found that my make up was beginning to literally slide off my face and I'd googled how to solve this problem or if anyone else had this problem and the answer was primer. When I got it i loved it. Most days I wear this with my BB cream, a bit of mascara and a lip gloss.

I've loved this lipgloss since I got it for Christmas. I just feel as it it can go with anything, this is the shade Turkish Delight. Its not sick at all and looks just as good over a lipstick.

I've never been one to get excited over perfume but once I'd smelt the Fizz Bar and Soak Opera, I just had to try this and trust me I wasn't let down! Its such a fresh and clean smell, Ive been wearing it since mid January but I now think that its going to be perfect for the spring and summer. The smell just screams flowers.

I got this as a subscription gift off ELLE magazine, I would never of tried it because I don't see myself as having bags under my eyes and that's what the purpose of it is, but I use it as a sort of brightener, I apply it over my BB cream and it just makes under my eyes look a lot bright and I look far more awake than I actually am.

This is the newest item of them all which I got on Thursday and its already in here! Its perfect! I always feel like most moisturisers leave my fave looking greasy or oily but this one doesn't, it does what it says, moisturise your face but also matte's it. The most perfect thing I have bought :3

(Sorry for the bad quality -.-) This is another recent one of my items and I'm in love with the results I get with this product. I can put one coat of this on each eye and get the same result as what I would of gotten I id of out about 3-4 coats of MAC Studio Fix Mascara.

Towards the beginning of the moth I had stopped biting my nails and they had grew loads... Ive started biting them again. I have quite short and stubby fingers so black or a really dark red are never an option for me, they make my fingers look worse. I love this one because it winter like without being a back or a really dark colour, this is a purple-y pink-y colour, its pretty bright but not summer kind go bright. The shade is 404 Ballet Pump Perfection.

Last put not least, MAC's Plink lipstick, I love this and its so subtle that it goes with any look at all.

I hoped you like this blogpost, I am thinking of starting YouTube.

Question Of The Day?
If I do, what would you guys want me to do? Would you watch my videos?

Thankyou for reading <3

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10 Festival Essentials

Image is from google if it is yours and you would like it removed please email me.

Ive never been to a festival but I will defiantly be going to one once I've finished college, but I thought because festival season is coming up I would do 10 essentials that you need at a festival... well what I see as being an essential.

Dry shampoo - be gone greasy hair
Wellies - getting muddy is not an option 
Comfy clothes - a girls gotta sleep
Paracetamol - you will get a headache
Toilet roll - easy forgot and always missed
Torch - for those midnight pee's
Sun cream - it's gonna be painful if you don't
Plasters - those new sandals are gonna rub
ID - I know some places you need to show ID
Bandana - a wet bandana will keep you cool

One last thing, put stickers with your name and address on anything that is valuable (camera or phone) so that if you loose it it can be posted to you.

most festivals don't let you take anything glass in including a perfume bottle so either buy a cheap perfume in case they take it off you or just take body spray.

I hope this helps you all who are going to festivals and just know I'm very very jealous of you all!

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Whats In My Make Up Bag Spring/Summer

I have yet to do a 'whats in my bag' post so because it was the first day of spring yesterday I thought I would show you what I have swapped in my make up bad ready for this nice weather.

Cath Kidston make up bag - £12
NARS bronzing pallet with mini Ita Kabuki Brush - £40
NARS lipgloss in the shade Turkish Delight - £19
Fab Brows brow kit - £15
Benefit Puff Off - £22.50
Coco Butter Vaseline, this can be picked up all most everywhere 
a little pack of moisturiser wipes, I got these in a magazine a while back.

Right so thats a big list of all of the things that are now in my make up bag, below is the list of swaps I've made.

I have swapped my foundation for my trusty BB cream. When it gets to the hotter months a thick foundation really isn't something I want to wear. Im all hot and sticky as it is and putting a thick, high coverage foundation on isn't going to help that.

Time to put those gorgeous dark lipsticks away and bring out the cute light lip glosses!!

Using a blush when its hot just doesn't do it so this cream highlight stick will defiantly stay on.

I hope this have given you some idea or just something to read. Yes the fairy lights are back but I'm not too happy with these pictures so they won't be out for a while.

I'm really excited for my next blog post, its going to be up on Wednesday!

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Yes this is soon old and I've just heard it like yesterday!! How is this possible! Its amazing!!

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Girl Talk - Is He Worth It?

The last Girl Talk post I done went down so well (check it out here) that here I am again doing another chatty post. I hope you enjoy it.

We've all had them relationships where your always thinking is he worth it?
Is he worth loosing friends
Is he worth all the tears
Is he worth the extra effort
Is he worth the fighting with family 
Is he worth it?

If you haven't then I tell you your lucky!

Theres a difference between people not liking who you're with and you not being happy. Who ever your boyfriend is there is always going to be at least one person who thinks that you shouldn't be with them. Whether that be his ex girlfriend, your parents, his friends. Theres always going to be someone.

I'm not saying that if you and your friends have an argument because your with a boy who they don't like you have to go and dump him. Im saying that if your are loosing friends because of how he is treating them then yes you should get rid of him. Im not going to go down the whole chick's before dick's because thats not always right. Your boyfriend could be there for you when your friends haven't been.

Don't go out and finish your boyfriend because you have had a stupid little argument and you've cried over it. I'm saying you need to get rid of him if he makes you cry over and over again and not just over petty little argument that at the time feels like the worse thing ever.

Sometimes you can feel like your putting all the effort in and he has the whole 'cant be arsed' attitude but just because you feel like that doesn't mean that is whats happening. If it plain in sight that he isn't trying with you and your constantly fighting for his attention or you feel like you have to dress up and wear loads of make up just to get his attention then you need to get rid of him. No-one needs a boy who is like that, some girls feel bad about how they look as it is and having a boyfriend who treats you like that is just going to make it worse.

Just like with your friends if you argue with you family because at first they don't like him then no don't dump him. Although, if you can feel yourself always choosing him over your family just to make him happy then you are going to loose your family and thats not good. 

I am in no means telling you all to go out and finish your boyfriends but this is just my opinion and I just wanted to give some advice out there for all the girls laid in bed on a night and thinking about if is he worth it.

Song of the day:
I know this is quite old but I'm still in love with this song.

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Belated Mothers Day Adventure

Me, Mam and Nanna all went out on a little adventure to Whitby because today was weight day (got my stone award whooh!) and we hadn't done anything on Sunday so after fish&chips plus eating plenty of sweets I took some picture, I have uploaded them to my VSCOcam, I'll leave my link at the end. I'm in love with this edit, I used it the other day for a picture on instagram and I fell in love so obviously I just had to add it to all of the pictures (well the good ones) tonight.

This is the cutest lock I have ever seen! It's only been recently that people have started putting locks on the bridge a Whitby, the earliest one I seen was 2013.

At first this was my least favourite picture but after a bit of editing it's now one of my favourite. I just love the door in the background!

Sadly this was actually closed, I really needed a good cuppa after I had walked up the 199 steps, Yes I counted. This isn't my most favourite but I thought that the writing was super pretty.

I'm in love with this picture and his voice wasn't bad either but I don't know what it is about this picture it just screams Hozier - Take Me To Church for me.

So out of about 50-60 pictures I had 4 that I actually liked... Oh well.
Please go and check out my VSCOcam http://niamhyyy99.vsco.co/grid/1 Ive been using it for a while to edit Instagram picture but I have just started to actually upload my pictures to my grid. I'm sorry this post is boring but I'm really proud of these pictures.

Much Love

Girl Talk - Surviving Without Friends

I thought that I would move away from all things beauty and go a little deeper... oh no! 

Ive been off school for about a year now, I have something wrong with my back. At first the people who were my friends kept in touch with me but it soon got to the point where I was texting them and I would get a reply hours later saying they were busy or some dumb excuse like that. At first I felt like complete and utter shit and I would mope about around the house with nothing to do. I soon realised that people like that weren't worth talking too. Im going to college in September and I'm going to be there with no one I know so its going to be a complete new start with is exciting but daunting at the same time.

What I'm trying to say is that you don't need friends to survive and you will soon realise that the people you think are your friends are more like acquaintances that you see everyday most days a week which leeds you to think that you are friends. You need to start looking closer to home for friends. Cousins make good friends and I know this from experience, I rather spend the weekend with family than with the people who I thought were my friends. Eventually it becomes normal to have your family around you like you would have friends.

So if you're sat there thinking I'm a 'loner' and god knows whatever then so be it but once you leave school thats when you start making real friends not acquaintances.

I know this post is different so let me know if you like to see some more posts like this. 

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Room 94 because I'm soon proud of my boys for finishing their tour :3 <3

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Bullying In A Workplace

Hi you lot, I feel like I haven't done a chatty rambly post for a while. So I thought that I would do one around bullying.

I was approached to do this and I'm getting paid traffic sent to my site for doing this, all views of bullying are my own. The leaflet thing was made by the person who emailed me.

Workplace Bullies

Bullying is terrible wherever or whoever it happens to. This is something I am completely unaware of something that happens, bullying in a work place with grown women and grown men, I thought bullying was just something that pathetic kids did on the school playground but apparently not. 

Bulling in a workplace can not only hurt the people who are being bullied but it can hurt the business too. By bullying someone in a workplace you a driving perfectly good workers away, which in return could come back and bite you on the ass. Im guessing if enough people leave a job it will start to harm the amount of money that business brings in with in return will make people loose their jobs.

From what Ive read there isn't all that different between workplace bullies and playground bullies. They both want to feel in control. Playground bullies want to be in control of everyone around them and feel like they are the best in the school. Workplace bullies also want to feel in control, they want to be in control of everyone around them and feel like the best person in the office.

The information below I have got from the website I was linked town the email. I haven't put it into my own words as they are lists.

Characteristics Of A Work Place Bully:
Finger pointers
Publicly pick on people
CC the whole world in emails
Point out peoples mistakes and tell everyone

How many workers are dealing with bullies?

Workers who say they're treated rudely at least once a week (in 2011); up from 25% in 1998:

40% of workplace bullies are women who are picking on other women more than 70% of the time.

Work is stressful enough on its own, but adding a bully to the mix can make it unbearable. 9% of people say they’re happy at the office.Less than 1/3

Work place bullying can have serious effects on people:
Absenteeism and low productivity
Low self-esteem and depression
Digestive upset
High blood pressure
Trouble with relationships due to stress over work

All this can be damaging for the business, causing:
High turnover
Low productivity
Lost innovations
Difficulty hiring quality employees due to a "hostile work environment" reputation

Got a bully? Here's how to deal with it!

Don't get emotional, bullies like that
Don't blame yourself, the problem is the bully not you
Do your best at work
Build a support network
Document everything
Seek help
Get counselling
Stay healthy
Educate yourself about work policies
Don't expect to change the bully
Start a new job search

I hope you enjoyed this post and it has opened your eyes to how bulling ISNT just on the playground

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another Robbie Coles because I'm in loooooove with him :3

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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - Review

So after weeks of waiting I finally got my hands on this!! I was sooooo excited when I got it. I couldn't wait to use it. 

All views are my own and I don't intend to insult anyone through my view. This is my opinion so if you don't agree then that is fine, this is what I personally think of the mascara.

Better Than Sex Mascara is a classic from Too Faced and is on sale for £19 on their website it has a rating of just under 5/5 

Better Than Sex Mascara claims to give:
a base-to-tip curl
dramatic volume
longer looking lashes
a dramatic look with one coat

It says on the front of the packaging that the majority of women who tried this agreed with these statements, I have actually tried the mascara without any eyelash curlers so I can't comment on if it works any good without them. I defiantly see a big difference with only one coat, my lashes have so much more volume and the way it makes them look longer is a lot better than any other lengthening mascara I have tried.

At first I found the application of this to be quite tricky as the wand is HUGE, after a couple of days I got used to it though and I'm completely in love with it! Ive used this for a week and can't wait for tomorrow to put it on again. Once the wand is your new best friend then the mascara will soon be your favourite... I promise :3

This mascara was everything I expected and more it does everything it say on the package, I will defiantly be re-buying this and my Mac Studio Fix will be getting a little... Break.

Price: 7/10 
Packaging: 10/10
Wand: 9/10
Formula: 10/10
Overall (average): 9

I'm sorry for the awkward lighting, I was taking these pictures just as the sun was setting so it made them all have an orange glow.

Song Of The Day

I seen Robbie live when I seen Room94 on Friday and I've been in love with his music ever since, he is an amazing artist so go and check him out you won't be disappointed I promise.

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