THAT Time Of The Month Essentials

This morning while I was being nice and lazy I was watching some YouTube and watched Gabriella's 'THAT' Time Of The Month Routine, and I loved it! So that got me thinking for a cheeky little blog idea why not do what my essentials are for when it's that time of the month.

My essentials are:
Face masks.
A good book.
Some good music.
A BB cream.
Bubble bath

Face masks have to be my favourite thing to put on my face ever! I am in love with the Superdrug's face masks, they are super cheap and are so so good. So for them days that my face is full of angry face monsters I have a nice soak in the bath and let these bad boys do their magic. 

I'm one of those people that would much rather stay in the house and lounge around in PJ's and done nothing at all. Lets be honest who would want to go out when you feel all gross and grumpy... Not me that's for sure. So a good book had to get on this list. Its even better when your having a nice soak in the bath with a face mask and a good book! 

I listen to music on a daily basis and I'm guessing most people do but when its that time of the month it just makes me feel a while lot better and less grumpy. Even more so when its One Direction, Ed Sheeran or 5SOS. Favourite people everrrrrr :3

BB cream is the best thing ever for them days that you have to venture out of the house! I don't know about you but I could no sooner be bothered to put on a face full of make up when its that time of the month. My face is greasy enough without adding thick foundation and god knows what else. So BB cream is a way of not going out and looking like death but without have loads of make up.

Ive been obsessed with this since Zoe released it and I've got through soon much of it! Its got such a fresh smell and when its that time of the month I either want a nice and fresh smell or a sweet sickly smell. When I'm in the bath I much prefer a fresh smell over a sickly smell.

Yankee Candle samplers are just the cutest things ever and the best way to try out new scents without buying a big candle. There is nothing better than laying in bed, reading a book and having a nice sweet smelling room. 

Gabriella's video

Much Love

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