Benefits Roller Lash - Review

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I have recently subscribe to ELLE Magazine and let me tell you I'm excited!! Eeeekkk! I'm still waiting on my two Benefit Gifts but in my magazine I got the Benefit Roller Lash let me tell you I was beyond excited!

Roller Lash is benefits new mascara that is on sale for £19.50 and has a 4.9/5 rating on their website.

Roller Lash claims to:  
Visibly lift lashes
Gives a long lasting curl
Makes eyes look more wide open
Although it said that the majority of women who tried this mascara agreed to these statements. In my opinion it doesn't do any of these and I found it to make my lashes heavy so that the curl was lost with in half an hour.

I'm not sure if there are any more mascaras that claim to do all of these in one tube so I can't really compare it to anything similar but if I'm being honest my MAC Studio Fix Lash and eye lash curlers give better results that this. 

I found that the application of this mascara is very sticky and gloopy. The finished look wasn't at all what I was expecting, my lashes were not at all curled and were stuck together in a lot of places.

I was let down soon much! I hated it, I tried it for a couple of days and even watched youtube videos to make sure I was putting it on properly (yup I was applying it properly). 

In my opinion I wouldn't buy this mascara and if you were looking for a benefit mascara I would go for their famous They're Real! Mascara.

Price: 3/10
Packaging: 10/10
Wand: 4/10
Formula: 1/10
Overall (average): 4.5

Much Love

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