This Was A Surprise

So the other day I was scrolling through Twitter and Istagram minding my own business when someone approached me saying that they had seen my blog and liked it, That was the first time someone had actually told me they liked my blog. I was a bit stunned to be honest. Not only had they liked my blog they asked me to review their website and that you (my lovely readers) would get a 15% off coupon on the website. If your not interested now then hopefully the next bit will interest you.

i have yet to order anything from this website my self but I will be soon as I have lots of birthdays coming up. 

When I first looked on the website just at a short glance it look very professional, no pop ups or adverts or any of that nonsense just a simple website that I so easy to navigate. Its painless and easy to find something you want weather it be a quirky disk tidy or a fun kitchen utensil. 
It is also easy to get in touch with the person running the website I know from personal experience that it is usually really hard to find out how to send something back or even just to find more information about the website its self. Normaly it is so tiny that its hard to read and is also found at the bottom of the page. Yes this is found at the bottom of the page but it isn't so tiny you can hardly read it, its the same size (if not bigger) than the text on the page. 
I hope this persuaded you to go and check it out.

I seriously want to buy everything!!!!

I will definably be buying from the website for family members that I know enjoy quirky and fun things around the house.

For 15% off just use the code Niamh15

Much Love 
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