MAC Studio Fix Lash - Review

This is my own picture, please give credit if used. Thank you.

This is my favourite mascara hands down, Ive had this a long time and I would always find myself reaching for my other mascaras, I don't know why but other tubes just jumped out at me more. I know that MAC's packaging is plain and simple and it looks amazing but it has its downs, the silver benefit or the glittery mally packaging would always make me lean towards them. Recently though i have gone back to it, I can't believe that I would lean towards the other mascaras over this! It gives you volume without clumping your lashes together.

This is my own picture, please give credit if you use. Thank you.

I think that the way it give you volume without clumping is to do with the type of brush. I've never been a fan of the plastic mascara wands, I've always leaned towards mascara wands that are the bristles. (Do you know what I mean?) I am defiantly making an exception where this is concerned. It makes doing bottom lashed supper easy and mess free! I would recommend this product to ANYONE! 

Ive had a look on the MAC website and it looks like they no longer sell this actual mascara. This closest I could find is this Studio Fix Boldblack Lash this is £14.50 but is currently out of stock.

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