Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser - Review

I am not getting sponsored to write this post nor am I getting paid any other way.

I have never been one for wanting/ needing to buy a face primer
a) I didn't want to block up my pores.
b) I wasn't really conscious of my pores.
c) My foundation seemed to be staying put.

Lately... Well before Christmas, my foundation seemed to be sliding off my face (no joke) I would do my normal routine on a morning: Cleanser, moisturiser and foundation. I'd go out the house weather that be just to the shops or out for a meal. I'd come back and Id be pale and spotty, no foundation left on what so ever! I was reading of ways to help foundation stay put and a lot of people seemed to think a primer helped them. So I made up my mind that was it I was finally going to buy a primer.

On boxing day I decided to hit the boxing day sales with a purse full of cash and an endless list of things that I wanted, a primer being one of them along with a Frozen DVD. In fact get them both. I had my heart set on the POREfessional from Benefit... Until I seen the price!

I didn't tend to look at reviews online because I like to think every one is different but since boxing day and completely different primer (that I love by the way) I made it my mission to to read at least one review on every product I was going to buy. I wouldn't say the reviews I read about the POREfessional that night weren't bad but they weren't good either. Whilst I was shopping I asked for a tester of the POREfessional (this was before I had read any reviews) it felt awful on my skin! It was slimy and greasy! I didn't like it at.

Although I didn't like the POREfessional I still wanted a primer and tried not to just put them all into the same category so I went into boots to look for an alternative. I seen this gorgeous thing

not only did I love the packaging but there was a tester one in the shop, It wasn't slimy at all and it was a little greasy but once I had rubbed it in and let it settle it didn't feel greasy at all. This is really worth the £7.99 and I would defiantly recommend getting this if you are unsure about buying a primer for the first time. My foundation lasts so much longer and it seems so smooth and it makes it look miles better, I don't seem to put no where near as much foundation on either as i don't try to cover the little delves on my cheeks and chin. I have used it every day since Boxing day and it still feels like a new tube no lie!

I'm sorry for this being late, school work have just literally piled up and piled up so I've been doing that all day. Ive wrote have an essay so I'm getting there. Please forgive me :3

Much Love

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