MAC Studio Fix Lash - Review

This is my own picture, please give credit if used. Thank you.

This is my favourite mascara hands down, Ive had this a long time and I would always find myself reaching for my other mascaras, I don't know why but other tubes just jumped out at me more. I know that MAC's packaging is plain and simple and it looks amazing but it has its downs, the silver benefit or the glittery mally packaging would always make me lean towards them. Recently though i have gone back to it, I can't believe that I would lean towards the other mascaras over this! It gives you volume without clumping your lashes together.

This is my own picture, please give credit if you use. Thank you.

I think that the way it give you volume without clumping is to do with the type of brush. I've never been a fan of the plastic mascara wands, I've always leaned towards mascara wands that are the bristles. (Do you know what I mean?) I am defiantly making an exception where this is concerned. It makes doing bottom lashed supper easy and mess free! I would recommend this product to ANYONE! 

Ive had a look on the MAC website and it looks like they no longer sell this actual mascara. This closest I could find is this Studio Fix Boldblack Lash this is £14.50 but is currently out of stock.

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Song Of The Day - Hozier, To Be Alone.

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Lazy Day

Lazy Day

Denim jegging

Clinique face moisturizer
£20 -

Carmex lip care
£1.34 -

Lazy Day

So this weekend has been super busy, hence there being no post on Saturday, so I thought I would do a post on being lazy because... Well, why not? So today I'm having a super lazy day doing school work, listening to music and rocking yesterdays curls.

I would just like to give a big shout out to this girl from YouTube! I'm in love with this cover!! So currently Ive got this on repeat.
Please give it a listen! I promise you that you won't regret it.
What's your favourite lazy day songs?

so with yesterdays curls I used this tutorial to get my hair off my face without it being completely up. This would look super pretty with perfect curls, mine are all messy and day old :3
I'm complete and utterly sick of watching "Messy Bun" tutorials, I never get it right! Any advice?
Whats your go to lazy day hair?

This post seems to be just me rambling on and on about nothing really... What do you wear on lazy days? (PJ's not included) I'm not a big fan of leggings, I just never seem to be able to pull them off, I always look awful! I wear my joggers a lot of the time but today I wanted a change so I turned to my comfy New Look jeggings in a dark blue and my Sloth Mode jumper. Be prepared for a polyvore outfit soon. 

I hope this post isn't too pointless...

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Night Changes Date #4

I was supposed to get be putting this up yesterday but after writing the Liebster Award post that took me hours to do! I didn't end up getting in bed until after midnight so i thought I was post them today as a little Fashion Friday :3
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Night Changes Date #4

Thankyouuuuu :3

I'm laid in bed and I noticed I have a comment on my most recent post, so after the whole laptop craziness I checked it out and I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely All Is Good I will defiantly be checking her blog from now on! It's amazing and something I would totally read so please! You have to go and check her out!

This is not my photo.

I remember when I first started out my blog I was nominated too and I didn't quite understand what it was... I defiantly understand now (here's the post if you want to see) that post is so bad I know!!

If your new to blogging like I was... Am and you don't know what the means then carry on reading my lovelies :3
Its not a competition... I thought it was. Oops.
Its sort of like a chair letter type thing... Do you know what I mean? I hope you do.
You forward this post between small bloggers and help them get some recognition for all the hard work that the put into weekly or even daily blog posts.
P.S I got that info from All Is Good. Sorry for steeling :3

So the next bit is easy! Just follow these rules!
1. Thank and link the person who nominated you (Its just rude of you don't)
2. Answer the questions given by the person who nominated you
3. Nominate 11 bloggers all who have less that 200 follows and of course link them
4. Ask the bloggers 11 new questions.
5. Finally notify all the people you nominated by google+, twitter, commenting or whatever just make sure they know that they're nominated.

I would just like to say another great big thank you to the lovely All Is Good! And here are my answers.

Why did you start your blog?
I had been off school for a long time because of a problem with my back. So as anybody my age would do I spent that time online doing all sorts of things. Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and god knows what other social media I was on. During that time I had found Zoella on YouTube and it just amazed me and how confident and easy going she was in front of a camera, then I found her blog and I spent days and days reading all her posts. So I decided to start my own blog, I was pretty clueless in the beginning but I soon got the hang of things. Its something I love to do in my spare time and a comment is always worth the hour or more I've spent writing a post, just knowing someone is interested or likes what I'm posting makes me carry on posting.

What has been your favourite blog post to write?
My favourite blog post, I really don't just have one. I love my most recent post because I feel like I got the hang of blogging a lot more these past few weeks. Reading other blogs has helped me a lot.

What are your favourite brands?
Make up wise? Clothes wise? Or both? I really don't know so I'm just going to say the ones that come to mind straight away. 
- Mac
- Nars
- Mayballine
- Urban Decay 
- New Look
- H&M

Quick! You're late... You have your phone, keys and purse... What 3 other things do you need?
Phone charger
Lip gloss/ Lip stick

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Far too many, I need to get rid of a lot but I just love my worn out old Vans :(

What is a habit you need to break?
biting my nails 

Favourite piece of clothing?
My gorgeous new crew neck sweater from Its says "Sloth Mode" with a picture of a sloth on.
This photo belongs to the Lemon Clothing website

pretty amazing, right?

What is something you really want to buy... But you're still unsure?
The Too Faced "Better Than Sex" mascara. I know that Zoe (Zoella) uses it and her lashes look amazing! Decisions, decisions!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
So in ten years I'm going to be 26... Wow! I'm hopefully going to be in a stable job as a photographer and have a really nice boyfriend to go with it. Not kids just yet but their defiantly been spoken about. Oh yeah, still blogging as well!

What is your least favourite thing about blogging?
I don't think I really dislike anything about blogging but if it I have to say one it would probably been the time that I spend writing posts and such and then some days I get like 2 views on a post that I worked so hard on.

Whats your favourite thing about blogging?
My favourite thing about blogging is probably taking the pictures for my posts and reading other peoples blogs as well.

Now here are your questions your gorgeous lot:
1. Who do you most look up to and why?
2. What inspires your blog post?
3. What season would you much prefer to get married in and why?
4. What/who is your favourite Disney character?
5. What is your most played song on your iTunes?
6. What is your favourite pair of shoes you own?
7. What perfume brings back the most memories?
8. What inspired the name of your blog?
9. What is your dream job?
10. Your favourite band?
11. Have you been to any concerts if so what was your favourite if not who would you love to go and see in concert?

If your still with me this far down thank you and I love youuuuu!

Much Love

I'm Still Alive...

Hi guys!
Yup im a bad blogger or well my laptop is... It decided to just go crazy on my! I had to wipe my full mac :( I will be back to blogging normally on Saturday as of tonight I'm going to do a few Polyvore posts. Once again I'm sorry pleasure forgive me.

p.s this is my face if I'm not forgive... It was the laptop not me!

Much Love

Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser - Review

I am not getting sponsored to write this post nor am I getting paid any other way.

I have never been one for wanting/ needing to buy a face primer
a) I didn't want to block up my pores.
b) I wasn't really conscious of my pores.
c) My foundation seemed to be staying put.

Lately... Well before Christmas, my foundation seemed to be sliding off my face (no joke) I would do my normal routine on a morning: Cleanser, moisturiser and foundation. I'd go out the house weather that be just to the shops or out for a meal. I'd come back and Id be pale and spotty, no foundation left on what so ever! I was reading of ways to help foundation stay put and a lot of people seemed to think a primer helped them. So I made up my mind that was it I was finally going to buy a primer.

On boxing day I decided to hit the boxing day sales with a purse full of cash and an endless list of things that I wanted, a primer being one of them along with a Frozen DVD. In fact get them both. I had my heart set on the POREfessional from Benefit... Until I seen the price!

I didn't tend to look at reviews online because I like to think every one is different but since boxing day and completely different primer (that I love by the way) I made it my mission to to read at least one review on every product I was going to buy. I wouldn't say the reviews I read about the POREfessional that night weren't bad but they weren't good either. Whilst I was shopping I asked for a tester of the POREfessional (this was before I had read any reviews) it felt awful on my skin! It was slimy and greasy! I didn't like it at.

Although I didn't like the POREfessional I still wanted a primer and tried not to just put them all into the same category so I went into boots to look for an alternative. I seen this gorgeous thing

not only did I love the packaging but there was a tester one in the shop, It wasn't slimy at all and it was a little greasy but once I had rubbed it in and let it settle it didn't feel greasy at all. This is really worth the £7.99 and I would defiantly recommend getting this if you are unsure about buying a primer for the first time. My foundation lasts so much longer and it seems so smooth and it makes it look miles better, I don't seem to put no where near as much foundation on either as i don't try to cover the little delves on my cheeks and chin. I have used it every day since Boxing day and it still feels like a new tube no lie!

I'm sorry for this being late, school work have just literally piled up and piled up so I've been doing that all day. Ive wrote have an essay so I'm getting there. Please forgive me :3

Much Love

This Was A Surprise

So the other day I was scrolling through Twitter and Istagram minding my own business when someone approached me saying that they had seen my blog and liked it, That was the first time someone had actually told me they liked my blog. I was a bit stunned to be honest. Not only had they liked my blog they asked me to review their website and that you (my lovely readers) would get a 15% off coupon on the website. If your not interested now then hopefully the next bit will interest you.

i have yet to order anything from this website my self but I will be soon as I have lots of birthdays coming up. 

When I first looked on the website just at a short glance it look very professional, no pop ups or adverts or any of that nonsense just a simple website that I so easy to navigate. Its painless and easy to find something you want weather it be a quirky disk tidy or a fun kitchen utensil. 
It is also easy to get in touch with the person running the website I know from personal experience that it is usually really hard to find out how to send something back or even just to find more information about the website its self. Normaly it is so tiny that its hard to read and is also found at the bottom of the page. Yes this is found at the bottom of the page but it isn't so tiny you can hardly read it, its the same size (if not bigger) than the text on the page. 
I hope this persuaded you to go and check it out.

I seriously want to buy everything!!!!

I will definably be buying from the website for family members that I know enjoy quirky and fun things around the house.

For 15% off just use the code Niamh15

Much Love 

Fashion Friday - Night Changes Date #3

I had just a bit of time today so I thought why not use that time wisely but not tiding my room and by not getting organised for school but by posting a blog post. 
This is my first "Fashion Friday" I don't know if this is going to be a weekly thing or not but I will try to do it as often as I can. Thats if you like it :3
don't forget tomorrows post at 7PM
P.S happy new year!!
Do you have any New Year resolutions?

Much Love

Night Changes Date #3