Gift Guide For Her

Since Christmas is nearly here, the advent calendars have been opened, I thought I would write a gift guid for her. 
My bedroom is all decorated and look very festive with these cute wrapped presents, I done a good job if  I do say so myself :3
So here goes, press more for the gift guide <3

Dealing with Deadline Stress

So since my first term at college is coming to an end in less than 3 weeks I'm starting to get a little panic-y and overwhelmed with the amount of work and deadlines college has thrown at me! So in this post I'm going to be sharing some tips and music that helps when I'm all stressed out about deadlines or just being stressed in general.

If you don't want to be looking like this the day before everything is due in then press read more <3

YouTube Channel

Hi guys so I have decided to upload my first youtube video, it is a tutorial on the look below 

Please like, subscribe and comment anything else you would like to see.

Very short post I know but I just wanted to share my video on my blog too.

Much Love

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Top 10 Things on my Christmas Wish List

So since its now December I thought it was only right that I shared my most wanted things for Christmas.

Disclaimer: I was approached look at this website and I decided to write a post about what would be on my Christmas list and use this website as inspiration. However, all thoughts are my own and this overall is a great website.

This is not my pictures, I found this on Tumblr. If it is your picture and would like it taken down or credit given, please email me
Press read more to see the goodies I want <3

Hair tutorial - Christmas Market

Not only has snow began to fall and I've dug the Christmas tunes out, Christmas markets have started!! That just shows its nearly time!! In this blog post I'm going to show you how I done my hair for the Christmas market.

Press read more for a VERY simple hair tutorial <3

What Does Christmas Mean?

Since Christmas is just around the corner, just 34 sleeps! I thought it was only right to get the fairy lights plugged in, Christmas tunes going and hot chocolate out! 

Press read more to see the Christmas goodness <3

College, Catch up and Christmas

I have pretty much abandoned my blog for well over two months! I'm sorry!! Today is a well in truly needed day off college. Gahh I don't even know what to write! I am so out of the swing of things! This is going to be my worst ever blog post!

Press read more if you dare read this terrible-ness <3

My Skin Care Routine

I have recently changed my skin care routine and my skin has thanked me for it.



Press read more to see what has made this difference <3


Due to me starting college, I am going to be dropping my Monday blog posts. I will be posting beauty on a Wednesday and fashion on a Friday

If you have any blog posts that you want to see than please let me know in the comments below

P.S I'm sorry guys but college is getting busy and its only the fist week <3

Much Love

Make Up Revolution Haul

So I decided to do a cheeky little make up haul the other week and it came the back end of last week so I've been waiting to do this blog post, I'm so excited!

Press read more to see the lovely make up in detail <3

Planner Series: Week 2 (31st - 5th)

On this amazing Saturday dinner time after a morning of wedding dress shopping with my Mams close friend I finally sit down to write (now after taking H to the park). Its 5pm and this is the only one out of 3 blog posts that needed writing today and I have church in an hour... Oops.

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll of already seen this picture of what last week now looks like all full (with pictures) and to do lists completed, it's a very satisfying sight if I'm honest and I'm pretty proud of it.

Press read more to see what I've done this week and what I'm getting up to <3

Luxemme Review (OOTD)

These last few weeks have been crazy yet rewarding, I got my results (I passed everything), I've enrolled in college to do fashion and textiles, I've bought some new makeup  and the most exciting thing is I've been approached by Luxemme.

Luxemme is an upcoming fashion brand who got intouch with me asking if I could review their products. I dont think I've answered an email so quick in my life! Excitment was an understatement, if I'm honest I think my good old mother bear is proud of me :3 Shes been telling anyone who will listen about being asked to do this and thn gushing about how amazing the blazer is (I agree).

You can buy the blazer here.
Top - Primark
Jeans - River Island
Shoes - Vans 
Sunglasses - Ray Ban 

Press read more to see closer pictures and a cheeky little discount code <3

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream - Review

Todays the day I talk about my newest (most expensive) perfume that I am complete and utter in love with. Unfortunately I'm just going to be keep this for special occasions and use my good old One Direction perfumes for everyday. I have to with its whopping £42 price tag for just 30ml.

I have defiantly had my eye on this perfume for months and months (maybe just maybe I would go into Debenhams to have a little spray when I was in town...) I now finally have my hands on it! 

Press read more to see my thought on this fruity, fresh fragrance <3

Planner Series: Week 1 (24th - 30th)

If you follow my Instagram then you will know I haven't posted for a few weeks as I am going through some things with family. I didn't want to blog when my heart wasn't in it. I am back now though hopefully for good, I'm going to be starting college on the 2nd of September so I might have to drop my posts down to just twice a week depending on how crazy my schedule gets.

For the last week of August and the whole of September I am going to be doing a mini series, this series is going to be me showing you what I have planned for the week ahead and how I have planned it out using my brand spanking new planner from Due to this I am going to be changing around my blogging days. Instead of doing beauty of Mondays and lifestyle on Wednesdays Im now going to be doing lifestyle on Mondays and beauty on Wednesdays (I hope that makes sense)

Press read more to see a full overview of this week <3

Beginners week: Drugstore or High End? (Part 1)

Same colour, same shape, not that much difference in packaging. So surely the same price? You would think so but no not at all. One can be just £5 yet another can be £25 (yes 25 pound for just one lipstick!) What can possibly be the difference for one company to charge £20 more than another? 

If you're fairly new to make up you will more than likely go for the £5 one because come on who can actually justify spending and extra £20 on the same colour lipstick? But not all women think that way, women spend hundreds of pounds on makeup each year, from those cheaper lipsticks that can possibly be picked up in a supermarket to those huge shops that have makeup counter after makeup counter. This often leaves me confused as to how one brand can charge me such little money but another can cost me a bank lone (I like to exaggerate)

Read more to see if I prefer drug store or high end and what I would recommend <3

Currently Burning

This week has been crazy so its only a short post today. We always have candles burning and we've been burning these two for the past couple of week and I love the scent of them.

To read the short (and sweet) post about my two new favourite candles <3

Zoella's Tutti Fruity Range (Kissy Missy) - Review

Here's the second part to my Zoella Review, read part one (here)

I was surprised at how much the lip balm smelt like the body scrub.

Press read more to carry on reading my review <3

Enigma Clothing Review + Discount Code

I am a promoter for Enigma Clothing so I got 10% off in return for a blog post. I will leave the code at the end so you can also get 10% off their clothing.

I've been putting writing this off for a couple of days now because I just cant find the right words to say how happy I am with my purchase. I cant even contain my excitement to share this with you guys. I love sweaters and I have tones and this has got to be my favourite by far! 

You can by the jumper here

I was thrilled when I was accepted to be a promoter for this brand. Starting college in September seems like a lifetime away but really its just around the corner and I wanted to get a head start on clothes and shoes. I had been following Enigma on Instagram (Follow them here)  for a while before and fell in love with their clothing. When I seen that they were looking for promoters I get in touch with them immediately and couldn't of been happier when I get a response. Them having 11K followers on Instagram I thought it was just pot luck but they thought I was going to be a good promoter. So here I am after taking hundreds (no lie) of pictures to find the right one for my first ever clothing review.

Press read my for the discount code and review <3

Rolo Cookies Recipe

This week I thought I would mix things up a little bit and do a recipe, Ive made these cookies so many times and used different sweets. This time I used Rolo's and I think that these were my favourite. This recipe makes 14.

Press read more for the recipe and ingredients <3
P.S tag me in your pictures on twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #APTCookies

Zoella's Tutti Fruity Range (Scrubbing Me Softly) - Review

Last weekend I finally got my hands on some bits for Zoella's new range in superdrug, I was so impressed and it smells gorgeous. So I thought I would write a review on it for the weeks beauty post.  This week I am reviewing Scrubbing Me Softly an net week I will do Kissy Missy

Press read more to see what I think <3

Instagram Roundup

I don't know about you but I actually enjoy looking at Instagram roundup posts so I thought I would have a little go. I'm going to try and tell you the back story from each picture for over the past week. If you don't follow me on Instagram click here to follow me.

If you've been reading my blog for a little while then you'll know I'm very much interested in photography and take pictures and opportunity I get. This little beauty was just peaking over a wall in someones garden and I couldn't not get a picture! Its the biggest brightest rose I have ever seen (well I think its a rose!)

The sun was shining and I couldn't help myself from snapping this quick picture on the was to the beach. The caption for this was sunshine essentials because who doesn't love a big floppy hat when the suns out! This hat is from Primark and was only £4. The last time I went it which was a few days ago they still had it it.

These next two pictures are from a night when I couldn't sleep and I was just messing around on spotify and I found this song my Sleeping With Sirens and I still cant get enough of it's called The Stray. I'll post the video below.

This song again was another Spotify find and its amazing! Its Stitches by Shawn Menders. Ill leave the video at the end for this one too.

I went on a little shopping trip into town with Nana and picked up these must haves for when mother nature comes barging in unexpectedly. Try them, they really do help

I went on a little shopping spree with Mam and the lighting in these changing rooms was just too good to pass up the chance to show off my new Primark jumper. I love this jumper, it has a high neck and was only £8 (cant go wrong!)

Last Friday I had a big catch up with my cousin, we had face masks and foot spa and of course a lot of sweets. So I thought I would show off my poorly applied face mask and tell my Instagram followers about it.

Same sex marriage was legalised in all 50 American states (finally) and I just had to celebrate because I couldn't handle how cute the picture was, it was made by Spectrum Collections and I just had to pinch it and have it on my Instagram feed.

And my last picture was this little cute gem from B&M, I was sick of my jewellery just being shot on my desk and then it just looked untidy so when I was having a casual Sunday stroll around B&M and spotted this for just £1.99 (I know!!) I couldn't not buy it. Let me tell you it looks the cutest on the edge of my desk (when its tidy)

I hoped you liked this post, let me know if you want this to be a weekly or monthly thing or something.

Song(s) Of The Day:
The Strays by Sleeping With Sirens

Stitches by Shawn Menders

Much Love

Tanya Burr Lipgloss - Review

Sorry I didn't post last Wednesday and Friday, life's been crazy! been looking for jobs and such you know how it is :3 
Anyway I'm back and being all prepared by writing these on Saturday, the weathers amazing!

Right now this is my favourite Lipgloss for the summer.

DISCLAIMER: All views are my own and I don't intend to insult anyone through these views. I am not being sponsored to write this post nor am I getting paid. This is my opinion so if you don't agree then that's fine.

Press read more to see the review for my new favourite lipgloss <3

Makeup Revolution Sugar and Spice Pallet - Review

Another review for you guys today, I am sooooo unprepared, here I am early Sunday morning trying to get at least today's post written... Terrible I know. I'm sorry this log post is a day late, I didn't get it finished on Sunday and Monday was just crazy busy. Please forgive me :(

DISCLAIMER: All views are my own and I don't intend to insult anyone through these views. Makeup Revolution are not sponsoring me to write this nor am I getting paid to write this. This is my opinion so if you don't agree then that's fine.

This blush pallet was an impulse buy, I'd seen it all over my Instagram (Follow me here) I just had to have it. I didn't expect much with it only being £6 but I love it.
Press read more to find out why I love it!
This product is available to buy from the Makeup Revolution website for £6 and has a 5 out of 5 rating. 

I am quite new to the world of blushes, I had been using the Boots Natural Collection blush in the shade Pink Cloud and I loved it (still do)

I wouldn't call myself a big blush person as I'm not a fan of really bright blushes, I prefer warm toned ones. However, I'm in complete love with this pallet, it has a good rage of colours and although some look quite scary their not.

I promise number 5 isn't as scary as it looks, It blends so easy, I love to use it to highlight my brow bone. For these amazing summer days I've been getting lately I've been loving a warm bronze-y face so I've been using number seven which just adds a gorgeous sun kissed bronze to my face.

Price 10/10
You cant go wring with this pallet, at £6 this is a absolute bargain! You're not only getting good quality but a great price.

Packaging 7/10
Plain and simple which I happen to adore. Plus it has a really big mirror.

Application 9/10
The colours are high pigment but easy to blend. When blended they dont' loose their colour either.

Formula 10/10
They are very pigmented and look exactly the same on your face as the do in the pen

Overall (average) 9/10

Question Of The Day:
Whats your favourite blush?

Much Love

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Fashion Friday: 'Plus Size' Summer Fashion Week 2

So I'm back with another plus size summer fashion. 
As I said in my previous Fashion Friday post (read here) I would quite happily wear jeans and some days I do, I personally think that jeans and sandals look very pretty for those cooler days.

to keep it simple I am going to be using New Look, Dorothy Perkins and River Island as I feel as if these give good quality and have reasonable prices.

Bleach 'Eden' Capri Jeggings
Product Code: 79869898
Petite bleach 'Eden' Capri. The inside leg is approximately 61cm 76% Cotton,22% Polyester,2% Elastane. Machine washable.

I love the colour of these jeggings, they would look gorgeous with an orange top and tan or brown sandals.

Pretty Light Blue Ripped Knee Molly Jeggings
Product Code: 66745
These pretty light blue ripped knee Molly jeggings have been crafted from a flattering stretch fabric. Featuring a mid rise wait, zip fly with button fastening and five pockets

I own two pairs or the Molly jeggings and I love them, they are so comfy and are the perfect fit. These would be perfect paired with a pair of white sandals and a navy top.

Pale Blue Supersoft Cropped Skinny Jeans
Product Code: 345250144
Experiment with different lenghts when if comes to denim this season. This vivid blue cropped pair are the perfect wardrobe update
- Skinny fit
- Supersoft fabric
- Zip and buttin fly fastening
- Cotton blend
- Pocket detail

I'm going to cheat and say these would look amazing with low converse and a causal t-shirt and -tank top.

Okay so maybe I have cheated with most of this, there is only one pair of jeans but jeggings class as jeans, don't they?

Question Of The Day:
Jeans in the summer YAY or NAY?? 
(comment below what you think)

Much Love

Blogging Beats

I tend to listen to my liked music from Spotify as I'm a cheap skate and don't have a subscription so I cant actually choose what song I want. I'm going to list the songs that come on with in the next hour. 

Press read more for the hour long playlist.

My Make-Up Wish List, Week 1: Lipstick

I have decided to do a kind of series where I list my top ten high end and drug store make up wants. This week I'm starting with lipstick. I am so so sorry that I didn't upload a fashion post on Friday, but I was having a good girly catch up and ended up loosing track of time.

Press read more to see the wonderful list.

Summer Is Here

Hi Guys, since I now have no school and exams are all out the way I seem to have far too much time on my hands. I have decided to post Monday through to Friday. I will still do beauty on Monday's, lifestyle on Wednesday and fashion on Fridays but I'm just going to trow in some extra posts depending on what I feel like on them days.

I thought that I would do a chatty Wish List type of post for today because guys its been it was so sunny !! Whooh! The good old British weather has decided to actually come through and some us some summer lovin’! 

So to celebrate the sun and my new found love for flip flops, I found my Havianas in the back of my wardrobe and they haven't been off my feet since it got sunny (click here to see my new favourite website for flipflops) I wanted to do a flip flop wish list. Yes you heard me a flip flop wish list.

Press read more to see the amazing flip flop wish list.

My Top 3 Bloggers

YouTube is helpful and entertaining and such but I feel like not many people sit down and read a blog post when there is more than likely a video out there. I however love reading blog posts. So I thought I would share with you my favourite bloggers. 

First up is Charlotte (
I found her blog when I first made me blog Instagram and Ive been reading it ever since, I'm and in total love with her blog. Charlotte's posts are usually helpful but I enjoy reading them so much, her latest post was about perfume and I swear I want them all! Mainly because I'm also not a fan of sweet sickly smells.

Next is Shaaanxo (
I found this blog through her YouTube channel, I love her videos and love her blog equally as much. Although she hasn't uploaded since the 8th of December last year her blog is defiantly worth a look I love her tutorials and her reviews are very helpful.

Last but not least is Gabriella (

Once again I found Gab's blog through her YouTube channel and I fall in love with it more and more each time she uploads. Her pictures are so beautiful and her posts are just a pleasure to read. I tend to read this post on a lazy Sunday morning in my PJ's and a nice cup of coffee.

Question Of The Day
Whats your favourite blog?

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Much Love