Ocean Salt Scrub - Review

This post is in no way sponsored, I am choosing to do this post because I am actually fascinated with the difference of my skin from using it for just four days.


So in the lead up to Christmas my skin was terrible! The amount of spots and redness I had was terrible. It was the worse my skin had been in a long time.

This could be because of plenty of things:
My eating habits were terrible... Well they still are
I had started using a new cooling face wash
I was due on. Ergh.

Well not plenty, but a few. I was sick of it and it was starting to really get to me. I don't have the best of skin anyways. The week before Christmas I decided to stop using everything and not wear make up... It didn't make a difference at all. 

Christmas morning I woke up to this beauty! (Thanks Santa) It's a miracle in a pot I tell you! My skin is no where near as oily and all that redness has gone! I still have a few spots here and there but Ive used this for four days, sometimes on a morning and sometimes on a night. I wouldn't use this twice as I feel as if it might possibly dry my skin out but I will defiantly be re-buying this as soon as I get low on it! The first time I used it it did sting a lot but that could probably be because of how bad my skin was.

If you're ever in Lush I would seriously buys this! Its perfect for oily skin!


Have you got any secrets that are good for skin? Please do share in the comments below.

Much Love

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