Flamingo shirt? I think so

Hi Guys!
So we know that Harry Styles can pull off just about any look in the book. He was seen on the Xfactor final rocking out in an awful flamingo shirt but I've got to admit that he does look gorgeous in it! 
Now how can you pull of a shocking pink flamingo shirt? 
Its easy! Just make it into a lazy day look with some light make up.
I know the shirt in expensive put I'm sure you can find a similar shirt in a local clothes shop. If I was rich I would totally buy this shirt! 
I hope you like it, feed back is welcome along with some ideas or suggestions.
Much Love

Flamingo shirt? I think so

Alice Olivia blouse
$300 - mytheresa.com

Black pants
$16 - newlook.com

Rimmel mascara
$7.84 - superdrug.com

H M lip gloss
$4.70 - hm.com

Rose nail polish
$4.70 - superdrug.com

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