Christmas Has Been... Fun

So christmas is more or less over and to be honest I'm a little relieved, its been soooo crazy in my family! Forgotten stockings, hyper dog, a joint beef nearly eaten by said dog, broken eye shadows, early mornings, late nights and lets not forgetting making ourselves sick with sweets and chocolate!

My Christmas has been crazy but amazing! I got everything that I asked for and more! I even got a Tiffany bracelet that I'm sooooo in love with I don't want to take it off!


I also got Zoe's book! Finally! Ive nearly finished it already and I absolutely love it!! I can't get enough! I will defiantly be buying the next one when it comes out. Penny reminds me of myself in so many ways, clumsy and self-conscious being the main two. I can't actually say that I do have a couple of pairs of knickers that a frayed and faded, I just can't part with them. embarrassing :3


I also got some lush stuff which I absolutely love! Im thinking of doing a review on the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub. I was quite disappointed with my "Melting Marshmallow Moment" bath bomb that was supposed to "foam away" (quoted from the sticker on the bag) but no this did not foam away in simply sunk to the bottom of my bath and made my bath go a pretty shade of pink, yes very disappointing. 

I am thinking of setting myself a goal and posting every Saturday night at 7.00pm and every every Tuesday night at 8.00pm

How was your Christmas?
Please could you give me credit if you use any pictures in this post as they are both my own taken from my Instagram, thats why they are in black and white.

Much Love

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