365 Days of Blogging - Unexpected

Hi guys!

Im sorry I haven't posted since the 22d of november. Things haven't been so good with my back and such but thats all boring stuff and I'm not here to moan.

On the good side of these past few weeks I got tickets for On The Road Again tour and I also got into an art college to do photography which I'm really excited about!! 

Anyway guess who failed at the whole 365 days of blogging :3 I hope I'm forgiven... I'm starting again though!!

soooo, on with the actual point of this post!!

December 10th 
Unexpectedly, you loose your job. (Or a loved one. Or some-thing or someone important to you.) What do you do next?

Well I don't have a job and I don't really want to talk about loosing someone I love so I'm going to say what I would do next if I lost my place at college that I haven't even had the chance to start yet. I would more than likely cry and cry, I would be so devastated because i love photography and my going to the art college I am getting a fresh start too which is always a good thing. If I lost my place I would probably end up going to my school six form and be unhappy, not enjoy it and probably not do well because of how unhappy I will be.

Im sorry this is boring and the best of post but I hope you all like it :3

What would you do if you lost something that means a lot to you.

Why not try 365 day of blogging you self here. 

Much love

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