Book Review - Divergent

HI guys! 
I know this isn't fashion or beauty or anything that I usually do but I've been planning this post for about a week now and i really want it up.

A month or so ago I started reading Divergent. It hasn't talking me this long to read it my kindle charger ran away from me, it was hiding under my bed. Oops. 

At first I was reluctant to read it as I thought it would be just like The Hunger Games, I couldn't for the life of me get into The Hunger Games. I don't know if it is like The Hunger Games when you've read past the first couple of pages or not but I loved reading Divergent, it was a really good story and I'm enjoying the second one now.

Divergent is defiantly up there with my all time favourites, I just couldnt stop reading it. Some nights I would stay up till 3/4am...well that was until my charge ran away...

At first you start off by getting to know the life of Beatrice which is a strange one. She is a 16 year old girl who lives in a controlled world, everyone is split up into five different factions:
These are the people who put others before themselves.

These are the people who are brave and fearless.

These are the people who spend most of their time studying or reading.

These are the people who are peaceful.

These are the people who are honest.

Beatrice is from Abnegation. Though out the book you follow her on her adventures in a controlled world. The story line is very gripping and in between all the drama and fighting there is the most cutest love story ever! If you love a cute love story or even just love action then you should defiantly read this!

If you have read it what were your thoughts on it?
leave your comments below.

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Photo Adventure

HI guys!
So last night me and mam took a little trip to Red Car to take some pictures, here they are.

Thats just a couple which are the best of what I've taken.
What would you like to see on my blog, please let me know.

Much Love

review of Canon 1200D

HI guys!

Recently I have bought a new camera, my first camera that isn't a compact. I expected it to be really complicated but it is actually sooooo easy to use. The app helps a lot too so thats a bonus.

When I bought the camera I got two lenses (18-55mm and 75-300mm), a bag, a tripod and two memory cards. The deal I got was a really good deal, they no longer have that deal on anymore.

I went to a wedding a eek or so ago and took some pictures. I am sooooo proud of some of them. I have also been out on a little adventure with mam to Tees Barage and got some pictures of flowers.


Much Love