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HI guys!
So as you may know, most of you probably will, I suck at actually sticking to things I say and updating when I say I'm going to, oops! I bet you can guess where this post is going. Yup thats right I'm not uploading my first YouTube video today, sorry lovelies! Its just I have had the worst migraine ever all day and I haven't been asked any questions and to be honest with you all I haven't actually started planning for this until now so here goes with all the planning :D 

 So with a fresh note book, which is sooooo cute, a brand new pen and loads of ideas swimming round in my head I started to plan. By started I mean I tried I seriously need you guys to ask me some questions! I have 6! If a Q&A type video isn't what you want to see please please please comment or tweet me and tell me what it is you want to see!

Much Love

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