Hi guys! I know I haven't been posting and I said that I would have Day One uploaded but I have a really good reason I swear, I've just finished getting my room decorated and my furniture put up so I haven't had much time to post but this should be a long post! fingers crossed!

I had wallpaper left over from where I've had my bedroom wallpapered and I thought that I would put it to use.

What You Need:

  • Spare piece of wallpaper or some wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • An old shoe box 

Measure and cut out enough paper to wrap around your box, as if you were wrapping it for a present.

Tape it in place, I'm using masking.

Flip your box over so it is standing on its end.

Fold a side down making sure it is tight to the edges of the box, I didn't tape this down as my paper stayed down, if your paper doesn't stay down it might be easier to tape it.

Now do the same with the other side, and again I didn't tape it because my paper stayed down, if yours doesn't it might be easier to tape this too.

Fold the top triangle down making sure that it is tight to the edge of the box and tape it.

And again with the other side.

Use the last 5 steps to do the opposite side 

Using a piece of tape wrap it around your finger so that the sticky side is on the outside.

Make two of the tape tube things and stick to opposite corners of the box, making sure you stick them to the side that has the join on.

Push it all the way to the back of your wardrobe, you cab now use it as extra space for shoes as my wardrobe doesn't fit to pairs of shoes in both facing the door.

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