US Tour Cancelled. 3 Out Of 4 Members Seen Together. Gorgeous Outfits

Hi guys I've found something to post about, whooh!
I hope you like it. Drop me a comment on what you think it means a lot! Anyway.... On with the post!

If by the title you don't know what I'm going on about then read on my lovelies :D

Just like any other Mixer I was socked to hear that the US tour had been cancelled and even more surprised when Jade, Leigh-Anne and Jesy where spotted at Wireless Festival without Perrie just only  two days after announcing the cancel. But I'm not here to gossip as to why Perrie wasn't there or why the tour was cancelled I'm going to look at what the three stunners where wearing and let me tell you they look bloody gorgeous!!

Leigh-Anne wore a gorgeous see though black spotty skirt, its so pretty! I'm in love and will defiantly be putting to on "The Hunt" (The Hunt is an app as well as a website that a group of geniuses that will help you find clothes, furniture, make up and just anything really, if you are on a computer/laptop this is the link if your are on anything apple here is the link she has paired the dress with black sandals and a black crop style top.

While Jade opted for a more simple look, more my style, a cute cream mid thigh light dress with some little brown boots along with a hugeee trilby hat that just finishes of the outfit perfectly and anther one for hunt me thinks :3 

Last but not least the lovely Jesy, I absolutely adore her style of clothing! She wore a pair of bright patterned shorts along with a black crop top and oh my god her shoes!! They are just amazing!! I seriously need to invest in a pair of themmmm.

I might do a polyvore post on each outfit but it depends if you want me to?? Please comment!!

much love 

Niamh xoxo

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