Room 94, ;), macaroons, Louis and More

These past few weeks have been crazy on twitter! I thought that I would update everything on here just incase you don't follow me :3

First things first I reached 1'000 followers which caught me by surprise but that you if you follow me.

 Next I got a follow of room 94 AND a tweet which I swear I nearly cried! :3


 yup I got a winky fave off room 94 ;)

I also made some macaroons too, which weren't the nicest but I tried, oops

I also started to talk to more people to whooh! Just today I've started talking to someone from Asia, I've still yet to learn their name, oops, but anyway there really cool :D If your reading this thanks for looking at my blog DrFlukey5sos

Oh yeah I've done a jigsaw for my nanna took me like a day, I really need to get out more

I also laughed a lot more than I should at the post, but come on it is funny and louis look hot doing push ups :D

yup I decided to tell all of twitter that I needed to pee 
excuse the typo :3

I cried because I didn't get 5SOS tickets and decided to express myself on twitter about it again, sorry :3

I found out that I am some how related to because like seriously we don't need no boyfriend!

And last but not least I told twitter that I was going to post a new tweet soon :D

I know this is a bit of a different post but I hope you like it. 

Much Love 

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