This is my first ever thing I've recommended and its going to be the Garnier Micellar Water.

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I am recommending this because it has made such an improvement to my skin! I don't just use this but my skin hasn't looked better. I also use a oil reducing face wash as well as a break out control moisturiser.
My Morning Routine

  1. I use the face wash straight onto my face using a little bit of warm water to make it foam up.
  2. I then pat my face dry and using a cotton pad I add a small about of the cleansing water and wipe it all over my fave including my eyes
  3. Once I have let my face dry naturally I then add some of the moisturiser 
  4. Brush my teeth with my one direction tooth paste, whooh :3
  5. If I can be bothered I will put make up on but 70% of the time I don't end up putting it on
  6. Do my hair, usually on top of my head because I'm too lazy 
  7. Then the get dressed 
My Night Routine
  1. If I've put make up on I will use the cleansing water to remove it then carry on with steps 1-4 the same as above^^
  2. Next a shower or a bath and probably wash my hair 
  3. Dry my hair if I've washed it and then brush my teeth with one direction tooth paste again :3
  4. Then PJ's and write in my journal (my smash book) 
Also Boots have a sale on it for £4 instead of £5

Much Love
Niamh xoxo

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