Brush, Sponge or Fingers?

Okay so I have a dilemma! I wear foundation quite a bit, I have terrible skin although my cleansing routine is actually helping a lot. Anyway when I apply foundation I use my fingers but I seem to end up with a lot of foundation on my hands more than my face, I have tried to use a brush but I seem to end up having really thick foundation. I have yet to try a sponge but what do you recommend??

I watch a lot of make up tutorials on YouTube and read quite a few blogs and what Ive seen they all seem to use a brush and the few that use a sponge look as if they have a really thin layer of foundation, I have too many spots for really thin foundation. And like I have said I feel like I end up with my foundation way to thick when I use a brush?

I really don't have a clue! Maybe its my foundation? I don't even know?

Because I'm so clueless to this I will out a list and pictures of my usual make up (when I can't be bothered to apply it fully) to see if it actually is my make up of it its something I'm doing. Pleaseeeee help!!

Foundation - No7 Stay Perfect

The picture is not my own, please ask for credit or for it to be taken down, its from google images.

Mascara - Mally Volumising Mascara

The picture is not my own, please ask for credit or for it to be taken down, its from google images.

Foundation Brush - Primark

The picture is not my own, please ask for credit or for it to be taken down, its from google images.

It might be the type of brush I'm using I don't know but I need your help or suggestions, thankyouuuu
Please comment some suggestions for foundation, concealer, make up brushes, anything that will make it easier to put foundation on or that will cover my spots better

Much Love


Since my tweet round up thingy went down so well I am going to start posting my favourite things I've seen on twitter every saturday that I have seen over the week or that I have posted over the week. If you want a follow please just tweet an ask. The link is below.

Much Love

Favourite? You Mean Just One? Ha!

Just a quick post that I promise I will edit in the morning if the layout is all over the place. I really wanted to post but I have a terrible migraine so it's just gonna be a quick post. Now everything is sorted who ooh, sorry for the post being so bad last night. 

I really wanted to do a quote of the day but I just love quotes too much so I couldn't just pick one favourite so here is a few :D 

All pictures are from We Heart It, if they are your pictures and you want credit please let me know and I will add it.

What's your favourite quote? 
Or are you like me and can't decide?
Do you love by any quote and if so what? 

Much Love 

Quick Post

Just a quick post, I am unfollowing all the blogs I follow on bloglovin because I feel as if I follow too many people so I don't get the chance to red the blogs that I really want to read. I will be following most back ASAP, If you want me to follow you then please just comment below, I will also be automatically following back all the blogs that follow me and/or my blog.

Much Love

I Have A Question


Room 94, ;), macaroons, Louis and More

These past few weeks have been crazy on twitter! I thought that I would update everything on here just incase you don't follow me :3

First things first I reached 1'000 followers which caught me by surprise but that you if you follow me.


I have changed my URL too, please let people know

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

p.s I'm just claiming it on bloglovin' 

Much Love
Niamh xoxo


I am going to be changing my blog name because I just don't think it fits anymore

Much Love
Niamh xoxo

Popcorn Obsession

Yup I can't get enough of popcorn! I just loooove it! I even make my own :3

My own picture, taken on my iPhone. Sorry about bad quality 


This is my first ever thing I've recommended and its going to be the Garnier Micellar Water.

Picture is from Google Images, I'm sorry if it is your image, if you want it removed please get in touch with me


Hi guys!
Ive got a new layout!! Whooh! What do you think of it? I looooove it :D I will try and post something today but my smash book has came and I can't get enough of that. I would of shown you a few pages but I'm using it as a journal/diary and I don't really want to put my diary on the internet.
Tweet me, Snapchat (niamh_marron) or comment anything that you want to see on my blog and i will try and put it up.

Much love

New Layout

Hi guys,
I really want a new layout, I see all these gorgeous layouts and backgrounds and such but I don't know how to do it myself? Does anyone know how to do it and would maybe do me one, pretty please? Or even maybe just show me how to do one? I'll love you forever.

I just really think thats its time for a change.

I'll give you a shout out on my bog and twitter, even maybe send you a little present??

much love 
Niamh xoxo

Star Wars Nerd? Really?

Ariana Grande, the US singer song writer, topped the first ever charts that combine sales and audio streams with "Problem" last weekend. But no Ariana doesn't stop there!

US Tour Cancelled. 3 Out Of 4 Members Seen Together. Gorgeous Outfits

Hi guys I've found something to post about, whooh!
I hope you like it. Drop me a comment on what you think it means a lot! Anyway.... On with the post!

If by the title you don't know what I'm going on about then read on my lovelies :D

Blogger Block

Hi guys!
So you know how writers get "Writers Block?" well now I have "Bloggers Block" I don't have anything to post other than just the daft little posts from Polyvore, I would really appreciate ideas so anything you want to see on here??

much love
niamh xoxo

Date With Brooklyn Beckham

Last Night

Last Night
Last night I was at a wedding and this is what I wore. The only things that are exact are the jumpsuit and the rings, I'm sorry i couldn't find everything. The headband, bag and shoes were from Primark, I can't remember where the cuff was from
much love
niamh xoxo

Date With Harry

Football Practice With Louis

Picking Niall Up from The Hospital

Messing Around Backstage With Cal

Messing Around Backstage With Cal

Miss Selfridge jeans

Vans shoes
$48 -

Tory burch purse

Pearl jewelry
$74 -

Twisted necklace

Starbucks with Ariana

Swimming with Ash

Early Morning

Hi guys!
I'm up early enough to post something soI thought I would post something from polyvore or maybe a few things :D

much love
niamh xoxo

I'm off to bed

Hi guys!
Im back!! Im gonna try and post more, maybe even daily fingers crossed.
What do you think of these polvore bits I've done? Anyone you want me to do? or anywhere you want me to do an outfit for?
Im going to bed so night guysssss

much love
niamh xoxo

July 4th With Ed

The Park With Doris and Ernest (Louis)

The Park With Doris and Ernest (Louis)

Poem white shirt
$50 -

Skinny jeans
$51 -

Michael kors bracelet

Pink jewelry

Disney tech accessory