late night youtube :3

Hi Guys,
sorry if there is any punctuation or spelling mistakes, its late but I can't sleep.

So I have a wreck this journal but I haven't don't much in it. I got it about a year ago, and I tend to do a few pages in one go and then not do any for a while oh and maybe i did loose it for a little while but anyway!! I was on you tube looking at peoples finished wreck this journals when in the suggestions an "art journal" came up, I still don't know fully what an art journal is but as I was watching a few videos something for "The Document Life Project" if anyone is doing that right now I know I'm late :3 but seriously if you don't know what it is I've just read loads about it and wowowowow it looks amazing!! I'm thinking of starting one. If I do I might document each week onto my blog if not my twitter just for something different. the 'document life project' rolls art, journaling and challenges all in one! 

If any one is interested heres the links:

If anyone would be interested in me posting each week, i will be starting from next week or something idk yet, please comment below

p.s i know i said i would post the other day and didn't :(

p.p.s i am quite active on twitter lately so follow me Niamhyyy99 (<-- username) you don't have to but tweet me with a monkey emoji or if not "xoxo" so i know your from my blog and ill follow you back

p.p.p.s i really need to go before mam comes in and kills me for being yp :3

much love
niamh xoxo
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